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Honour May - wet red satin Pyjamas

Run-time 15 mins 43 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips – choose WMV or MP4 formats

Stream 1 runs 7 mins 51 secs
Honour May decides to have a cooling shower on a hot night.
She enjoys the feeling as the water soaks through her red satin pyjamas making them shiny.
Those wet red shiny clingy pyjamas do look good on her.
Of course her hair gets wet too!
She writhes on the floor under the shower with the phrase most familiar to WSM ‘It feels so good!’
You can bet it does feel great for her, but also looks great for us!
After 6 mins she removes her pyjama bottoms and we see her black, sensuous underwear – see CLIP 1.

Intrigued? Honour May explains why she is wearing her undies.
By now Honour May is totally wet!
She ends this Stream sitting, then lying on the floor under the soothing shower.

Stream 2 runs 7 mins 52 secs
The 2nd Stream commences as Honour admires her wet shiny stockings.
Then she slowly removes her pyjama top.
Of course she is braless and enjoys the water cascading over her body.
She tells us that she loves it when the water runs down her nipples – see CLIP 2.

Honour lies on the floor enjoying the effects of the cooling shower.
Then she starts to caress her body with the running water.
Honour removes her knickers to provide almost 8 mins of nude, wet play.
We have some fine shots of her provocative body.
She enjoys the water bouncing on her bum as she poses on all fours under the spray.
Then, lying on her back she tantalizes us before stretching out her long, shiny, wet legs.
She embraces the shower and feels cooled down and relaxed.
She ends by removing her stockings and suspender belt, with further leggy and pussy revealing shots.
Finally, her shower ends.
‘Just what I needed’, says Honour May.
It was just what we needed too!

There are 106 image shots set W393 as Honour May pleases us with her shower.
These are all 35mm shots and give a fine account of Honour May’s wet play.
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Most Forums, because of file size restrictions, show inferior sized images.
We show you 5 enhanced sample pics from image set W393.

MOVIE WSM233 of ‘Honour May – wet red satin Pyjamas’,
has 2 HD Streams running 15 mins 43 secs.

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Image Set W393

No of Images 106  

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