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Dee is the Muddy English lady

Run-time 16 mins 58 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips – choose WMV or MP4 formats

Stream 1 runs 10 mins 06 secs
Dee commences by showing off her outfit as the wind noise becomes apparent.
She asks, “Do I look like a nice English lady……nice and elegant?
Well, soon I am going to become a nice muddy lady!”
She tests the depth of the muddy stream before falling accidentally as she exits.
The action hots up when Dee asks, “Are you ready for this?”
And then she falls face first into the muddy stream.
This is followed by a more pronounced dive as she takes a further muddy facial.
Flinging her hair back, we see her very muddy face and hair.
At 4-40 in a most unusual action clip, Dee rolls on her back into the muddy stream with outstretched legs – a quite remarkable shot – see sample pic 2.
She is now very muddy indeed, yet we are not yet 5 minutes into the movie!
At 5-05 she takes another forward dive, then has a roll and splash about.
She continues to coat with mud any body parts that have been missed.
Dee lies on her stomach and flounders in the mud.
She crawls out onto the bank then does a backward flip into the muddy water in amazing athleticism.
At 6-00 she walks onto the bank, then jumps into the stream to splash about some more.
At 6-30 Dee exits the muddy stream once more and poses, showing us her wet and muddy stockings and undies, before jumping back in– see Clip 1.

At 6-46 she slides from the bank into the muddy water for some muddy water kicking.
Once more exiting the stream, Dee takes a further full facial dive into the muddy stream.
She lies back in the stream kicking her leg high.
Dee crawls out a blackened woman and rolls on the bank.
Then she rolls herself back into the water.
At 9-15 she exits and sits on the bank saying, “Look how I glisten” (which she does in the sunshine).
She stands and poses showing off her wet muddied outfit.
Then Dee runs back and forth across the stream.
She sits for some more splashy leg play and rolls onto her stomach on the bank to end this exhilarating 1st Stream.

Stream 2 runs 6 mins 52 secs
Dee removes her dress……but not without a struggle!
She is just wearing a camisole and stockings.
She sits on the edge of the muddy stream covering herself with the muddied water.
She stands to continue her muddying job, then crawls out to the bank to pose for us.
Dee crawls back in the stream continuing to muddy herself.
She rolls around the bank partly in the water, then, more posing on the bank – see CLIP 2.

At 3-10 Dee removes the camisole, once again after a struggle.
Then nude, she lies on her stomach into the stream to take another facial dunk.
She kneels then stands so we can see the result.
Then at 3-50 Dee surprises us by bravely diving full length into the muddy stream, standing to display the muddied result. The coldness of the water should be apparent.
She lies on the bank then rolls into the water before exiting to sit and cavort on a somewhat muddied grassy bank.
Once again, Dee jumps onto the stream.
She crawls and rolls around the waters edge.
Finally, Dee teases us by lying at different points on the bank for some muddy shots plus explicit poses.
We end with sun-kissed shots of a very adventurous lady who has delighted us with her wet and muddy play.

In addition we show 209 enhanced (full screen) 35mm images of this shoot in set M229a.
But this is only the 1st part of this image set as a further 340 shots await checkover and enhancement.
As you may gather all this shoot took quite a time to shoot in far from ideal conditions for any model.
See if the mud coated Dee appeals to you as we show 5 sample shots.

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Image Set M229a

No of Images 209  

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