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Mrs. CC in Muddy Lost Dog

Run-time 23 mins 00 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Streams plus 2 Sample Clips – offered in both MP4 and WMV formats

Stream 1
Mrs. CC is trying to find her dog.
She searches for him on rather a blustery day (shot Sept 2016).
Arriving at a pond she sees him on the far side.
She blunders into the muddy entrance to the pond spoiling her shoes and socks.
And that is what this movie derives from: a custom shoot on wet and muddy socks!
But the socks form just a small part of what is a Mud movie.

Mrs.CC sits in a wet patch (thinking it was dry).
Her trousers are stained and Mrs. CC blunders on to try and reach the far side of the pond.
Soon she is in the watery mud before falling to her knees.
She presses on calling for her dog.
She sits on a log to consider her position with her squelchy feet.
She turns to move on but is thwarted by pond slime and decayed vegetation.
She returns telling us it is ‘so muddy!’
The inevitable happens as she takes a forward plunge muddying her jacket.
She rolls about the muddy waters edge.
She removes her jacket to reveal a pristine white blouse.
She staggers on before falling down again, so gradually getting muddier and muddier – (see CLIP 1).

She crawls onward before standing then plunging again in a watery fall.
Mrs. CC sits in resignation saying ‘I give up now!’

Stream 2 commences as Mrs. CC continues on by crawling on the muddy pond fringe.
She decides to get into the mud and enjoy it.
‘Let’s get really muddy and messy’, she says.
‘This is a real muddy treat’, she continues as she daubs mud on her blouse then trousers.
She checks out her socks.
Her trousers are well mud coated and get removed.
Clad in open blouse, bra, panties and socks Mrs. CC daubs mud over herself – (see CLIP 2).

Then she has a quick roll in the watery mud before sloshing herself down with mud.
Soon her hands go into her panties for clit stimulation.
Sitting in the mud it is not long until she climaxes.
She muddies up her panties before paddling about in those squishy socks.
She removes her blouse then her bra.
Kneeling in the muddy pond she daubs the mud on her skin.
Standing muddied in just panties and socks, Mrs. CC declares that the dog is nowhere to be seen!
She re-dresses in slimy muddy trousers and her partly muddied jacket.
Then she sets off home.
But oops! ‘Just when you think – you can’t fall over again!’ She does!
She gets out of the mud and sets off once more for home (and we have a further muddy socks shot).
Arriving home we meet the naughty dog who caused his Mistress’s muddy state.
Mrs. CC takes a hose to clean-off her trousers and jacket.
We end with her rather wet socks and a personal message to her doggie and us.

MOVIE CC127 of ‘Mrs. CC in Muddy Lost Dog’ has 2 Streams running 23 mins 00 secs.

In addition there are 137 images of Mrs. CC’s hapless mud play.
These are taken from vidcaps and captured as set M237.
These are Enhanced (full screen) reasonable quality images and come as part of the package.
See if Mrs. CC’smuddy misadventure appeals as we show you 5 sample shots.

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Image Set M237

No of Images 137  

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