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Mud Slut 11 - Mrs CC trashes her Jeans

Run-time 29 mins 08 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 HD Streams plus 3 HD Sample Clips – choose WMV or MP4 formats

Being the 11th in a series titled ‘The Mud Slut’, Mrs. CC gives another quite remarkable performance.And of course all 11 of these movies are shot outdoors!
Mrs. CC involves you the viewer and has some rather filthy suggestions!

Stream 1 runs 9 mins 59 secs
We see Mrs. CC splendidly clean before she steps into the muddy estuary water, then kneels down, before spreading mud on her jeans.
The action moves on quickly as she sits down then lies on her side.
She spreads the muddy water on her blouse and arms.
She lies on her side in the muddy water gently rubbing the muddy mess over herself – see CLIP 1.

>>>>> SEE CLIP

She kneels up and her jeans are well messed.
She lies on her back on the water’s edge and lifts her legs up.
Then she rubs mud over her bare stomach then over her arse.
But the passions are rising within Mrs. CC and she balances on a rock in the muddy water.
She squirms on this rock to stimulate her clit and rocks gently.
She continues to apply mud over the arse of her jeans.
‘Who doesn’t like fucking in mud’ she asks.
She continues to rock up and down on the watery rock.
She opens her blouse and rubs mud over her boobs.
Then she rubs mud over her neck and cheeks plus more on her arms.
The Stream ends with her splashing the mud over her front, then she rolls forward to lie on her stomach in the muddy water.
Stream 2 runs 10 mins 34 secs
Mrs. CC squirms in the muddy shallows with her clit being further stimulated.
She splashes muddy water with her gyrating feet.
She lies back with her head on the sand then raises her wet, muddy legs.
She wants to have ‘A really good fuck! A fuck in the sun!’
She removes her sunglasses then lies on her back getting her hair wet and muddy.
She continues to squirm in the muddy watery shallows.
Then she kneels up and plunges her face into the mud!
‘Yeah! Now we’re talking aren’t we’, she says!
Her muddy water play is now more vigorous – see CLIP 2.

>>>>> SEE CLIP

Then she stands up and walks squelchily inland to lie on the grassy bank.
‘Beautiful to be covered in mud and sit in the lovely sunshine’, she says.
Amazingly half way through the movie she takes her very muddy jeans off!
Mrs. CC goes back into the muddy water.
She lies on her stomach and her hand rubs her clit through her panties.
Her left hand is inside her panties as she swishes her arse in the water while frigging herself to reach her first climax!
She continues to rub mud over herself.
Stream 3 runs 8 mins 35 secs
Commences as Mrs. CC takes her top off.
She squishes in the muddy water to stimulate her clit.
Then she takes her tits from her bra and lies on her stomach on the water’s edge and rubs her tits into it.
She raises herself and rubs mud over her tits telling us voyeurs what she wants us to do! – see CLIP 3.

>>>>> SEE CLIP

Then her bra is removed.
She lies back with her head on the sand and jiggles her body in the muddy water.
She squirms and splashes in the muddy shallows simulating fucking by bobbing up and down.
‘Fuck that arse!’ she says bucking violently and splashily as the water swishes away.
Her left hand goes between her legs again. She removes her knickers, she kicks her legs up and bucks violently.
She exhorts us to ‘Fuck it hard!’
She cums a 2nd time!
Mrs. CC lies on her stomach.
‘Well boys, as usual it has been such a pleasure to fuck you in the mud!’
She continues to rub her arse in the watery mud.
She exits the muddy water and walks away.
Wow! What a fantasy!
Mrs. CC imagines she is being fucked in the mud by us voyeurs.
But Stream 3 takes this to new levels as she fantasizes that she is being fucked in the arse by us voyeurs.
Quite remarkable!
What a Mud Slut Mrs. CC is!

In addition there are 139 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) of Mrs. Custard Couples’ muddy play.
All shots are just of Mrs. CC alone.
But see for yourself – as we show you 5 sample shots from image set M231.

Download MOVIE CC112 has 3 HD Streams running 29 mins 08 secs.

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Image Set M231

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