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Ava and Axajay confront Mr. Nasty

Run-time 28 mins 26 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 HD Streams plus 3 HD Sample Clips – choose WMV or MP4 formats

Stream 1
We open with Ava waiting for Mr. Nasty to arrive.
Axajay enters and tells Ava she has the wrong day.
Axa tells Ava all the foodstuffs are for her…….not for Ava.
So Ava decides that if it is all for Axa then she will do what Mr. Nasty does, so she throws yogurt over Ava’s dress – see CLIP 1.

The girls have a set-to and struggle to mess up each other.
Ava ruins Axa’s make-up.
As they struggle, Ava says “She is a proper Mrs. Nasty! I can see why he married you!”
Chocolate milk goes down each of their knickers.
Then Strawberry milk goes over their boobs and knickers plus inside their stockings and shoes.
They decide to wait until Mr. Nasty arrives and then take their revenge on him.
Next, custard goes over Ava’s dress but she prefers custard on bare skin.
Ava’s dress is removed and we get a good viewing of her very ample boobs.
Axa spreads the custard over her boobs, then her bum.
Axa’s application of the custard is now much more sensuous.
Stream 2
Ava removes Axa’s dress.
She applies custard to Axa’s boobs then inside her knickers, followed by her back and bum.
Custard goes inside Ava’s knickers and over her bum.
Axa follows on by pouring the custard down Ava’s front.
Then Axa puts custard in Ava’s hair as their bodies rub together.
Ava pours custard over Axa’s head – see CLIP 2.

They become far more friendly and sensuous together.
Axa licks Ava’s boobs, while Ava directs custard down Axa’s back and bum.
They rub together and Ava’s hand is in Axa’s pants!
Ava starts to quiz Axa while she is off-guard.
Ava wonders why Mr. Nasty works with other girls.
She discovers that it is no accident that she turned up and Axa was waiting!
Their erotic caressing games continue as they experiment with the custard pouring.
“You have arranged this”, says Ava.
Axa confesses “I love getting a pretty girl naked and messy!”
Ava tells her she is quite enjoying it and will let Mr. & Mrs. Nasty off.
Axa tongues Ava’s boobs (yes, she is good at it!).
Ava reciprocates on Axa’s big nipples.
They kiss again, this time under some dripping custard.
Axa massages the custard inside Ava’s knickers and again they kiss!
Ava applies yet more custard to Axa’s boobs.
Stream 3
Mr. Nasty walks in to find the two girls in a messy embrace!
He complains that they have started without him.
“You should not have been so long”, says Ava.
“I knew”, says Mr. Nasty, “that you would both like each other!”
“We might just forget that you are here”, says Ava.
Mr. Nasty tells them to carry on but that he would direct them.
Axa ignores his instruction and smears custard on him.
Both girls join in messing up Mr. Nasty – see CLIP 3.
>>>>> SEE CLIP
Ava complains that he got her there under false pretences.
Soon Mrs. Nasty (Axa) is groping down his trousers and they are putting custard down his back.
So the custard ends and they move on to the yogurts.
The girls take his top off and rub yogurt into him.
They enjoy messing up Mr. Nasty even putting the yogurt down the back of his trousers.
Soon Mr. Nasty is down to his shorts.
He gets in the middle of both girls to make a sandwich!
Mr. Nasty enjoys this as he is now facing Ava.
Axa and Mr. Nasty rub bums together!
Mr. Nasty gets into the action by pouring yogurt over both girls.
Then a real treat as both girls face the wall projecting their bums and ask Mr. Nasty to smear their bums with yogurt (see sample shot 6).
What a picture that makes! Mr. Nasty tells us that he is the envy of everyone in the world!
He rubs the final yogurt into their bums.
Is that the end?
Well it is the end of this movie, but the action continues in movie XXX069 and then becomes far more steamy!
And would you believe that with all new material, movie XXX069 runs for a further 38 minutes!
But you can see that brand new movie in two weeks time with our 8th February update!

MOVIE WSM257 has 3 HD Streams running 28 mins 26 secs

IMAGE SET S462 has 143 Enhanced (full screen) shots.
Shot with 35mm this is a glorious record of the Slapstick encounter between Ava and Axajay, before Mr. Nasty gets sucked into the messiness!
Great Slapstick action with 2 very sexy and experienced models!
We show you 6 sample images from this set S462.

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Image Set S462

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