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Dee - Goalie Fitness Practice

Run-time 20 mins 49 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips in HD and 2 Streams in HD

This is a unique movie shot in Sept 2008 when Dee weighed 11 stone!
As she prides herself on her fitness this was a major wake-up call!
Definitely a one-off Dee shoot!
Now in April 2019 Dee weighs 7 stone 12 lbs.
Dee loves getting Wet and Messy!
But what to do when she requested a shoot as she looked and was overweight?
It was Dee who suggested a muddy shoot probably as a way of masking her weight gain.
But when you arrive for a muddy shoot like this, the model and her feelings and expressions dictate things. Fortunately for us all this is one crazy, lively, vibrant performance!
You will not see many shoots like this!

Stream 1 runs 9 mins 55 secs
After a brief scene appraisal Dee introduces the movie.
Dee chats to us throughout.
She tries to move around in the thick, black mud but the mud clings to her legs and feet as she attempts to paddle about.
“Nice and muddy getting me fit”, she says.
At 3 mins 27 secs she kneels in the mud.
Even worse, for at 3-56 Dee falls back into the mud.
Dee wants to be “Covered head to toe in lovely mud – it will make me nice and fit!”
Dee really does have a thing for mud as she continues to daub herself saying it is “Making me feel so much better”.
She continues to play about in the muddy stream and says “Back to the mud – getting my fitness back again!”
At 7-32 she scoops the muddy water up and then applies mud to her face – see CLIP 1.

At 8-10 she dives in face first!
Dee complains about the cold, but not the mud!
At 8-46 a 2nd facial dive.
At 9-42 Dee rubs mud over her face – “a nice wash in natural mud”.

Stream 2 runs 10 mins 54 secs
At 00-34 Dee dives forward taking another muddy facial.
“Oh dear! I fell in the mud”, she says.
Dee is now a total mud-bathed woman!
At 1-36 she sticks her head into the muddy stream.
At 2-25 she crawls to the edge of the bank and puts her head in the mud!
“Nice and refreshing”, she says before taking another muddy face plunge.
She continues to splash her face with mud then she kneels in the muddy stream and takes another forward muddy facial.
At 4-15 she sits on the bank and does exercises.
This is a lady who has no fear of the cold or the mud.
Next, at 4-45 she removes her top and then muddies up her boobs.
At 5-45 she takes a full muddy facial.
Then kneeling in the water she spreads mud over her boobs before diving in for a further muddy facial – see CLIP 2.

There is no temerity, no fear as Dee just strives to get drenched and muddy.
At 7-15 Dee lies on the bank on her stomach for yet another muddy facial by dipping her head into the stream. Wow! What a mud woman!
At 7-32 she removes her shorts.
She rolls in the muddy water, then she rolls on the bank with explicit poses.
At 10-03 she lies on some green embankment grass for some more saucy revealing muddied poses.

This has been a hugely vibrant performance.
What a mudbath Dee takes! It is unrestrained action!
You will not see many shoots like this!
Probably one of the most crazy shoots I have ever made!

What can be said about image set M226 accompanying this movie.
It was shot on 35mm and a gross total of 533 shots has been reduced to the published 315 shots.
It is just a remarkable portfolio of shots.
Seemingly a little reticent at first, the more the movie progesses the more carefree and unrestrained Dee’s pics are.
We show you 6 sample shots from the action (as Dee is never still).
Some unbelievable pics here!

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Image Set M226

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