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Mrs. CC in red PVC in Oil & Mud

Run-time 11 mins 05 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 1 HD Sample Clip

Stream 1 runs 6 mins 35 secs
Mr. Custard Couple (CC) tells Mrs. CC to pour a large container of vegetable oil over her red PVC outfit.
She is clad in a red PVC tight red top and skirt worn with black stockings and heels plus black knickers and suspender belt.
Mrs. CC enjoys the oily experience as she pours oil over her jacket and skirt.
‘It is turning me on so much’, she says.
She gives her knickers the oily treatment.
Then the oil goes over her bum.
After 2 mins 30 secs she is pouring the oil over her head and soaking her long blonde hair.
Mrs. CC lies down on the field and pours the oil over her knickers – see free CLIP.
She lies back to pour more oil over her outfit with special attention to more oil in her knickers.
There are some wonderful slurpy sounds at 5 mins.
A liberal dousing up and down the full frontal length of her body ensures that she is fully coated with vegetable oil.
Mr. CC describes her as ‘Slippy and hot in that PVC’.
He invites her to join him in the mud.

Stream 2 runs 4 mins 30 secs
Mr. CC directs his wife into her own mud pool.
Mrs. CC sits down alongside the mud pool and starts to daub the mud over her stockings.
Then she lies down on her stomach in the mud pool then rolls onto her side to muddy up her red top.
Next, she lies back in the mud before sitting up to rub the mud over her outfit.
Mrs. CC is enjoying her mudbath, but Mr. CC wants her to join him.
She teases him with muddy poses, slicking it over her outfit.
Kneeling, she pulls open her knickers to fill them with mud!
She enjoys the experience which is ‘So slimy and muddy!’
There are some nice gloopey mud sounds at 4 mins before Mrs. CC drops the mud onto her head, then rubs the mud into her neck and face.
We have a very nice muddy bum shot before she pours mud over herself with her shoe, as she lies back in the muddy pool.
What happens next?
See XXX HD movie XXX078 for muddy sex fun as Mrs. CC joins her hubby who wears a pink cardigan, white dress, wig, bra and white tights, plus pink panties!

Image set M222 has 113 images just featuring Mrs. CC’s performance in the Oil then the Mud.
We do care and we do take the trouble to carefully prepare these images.
Some splendid Oily and Muddy shots here.
These enhanced (full screen) images are very much worth viewing.
We show you 5 sample shots from Mrs. CC in red PVC in Oil & Mud.

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Image Set M222

No of Images 113  

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