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Honour May becomes a chocolate maid of honour

Run-time 21 mins 29 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips

Stream 1 runs 10 mins 21 secs
Honour May gets really mad.
Her best friend has provided a beautiful pink dress as Honour May will be her ‘maid of honour’.
Well that was until she found out that her friend is marrying Honour’s childhood sweetheart!
Honour May (HM) was due to bake her a very special chocolate wedding cake.
Now the chocolate cake ingredients will provide the mess to ruin her bridesmaids outfit – see Clip 1.

So Honour sets to work to mess up all her outfit:
long underskirt
‘How messy can I get it?’ asks HM.
So this whole Stream is devoted to Honour messing up that outfit!
And of course, HM talks us through the action.

Stream 2 runs 10 mins 41 secs
A chocolate covered HM tells us ‘She does love being so messy and chocolaty’.
‘Her friend will be absolutely devastated about the dress’.
But not all of HM is chocolaty.
Her face and hair are almost untouched.
With that she tips a 3rd bowl of chocolate over her head and then sinks to the ground – see CLIP 2.

Not yet satisfied she says ‘I need to make sure my face is messy!
And so she does in spectacular style!
But what is she to do with the 4th remaining bowl of chocolate?
‘Chocolate underwear next!’
‘Fill those stockings!’
‘Fill those knickers!’
So she becomes a chocolate lady.
There are some fantastic action shots as she messes her body completely.
‘So much fun’ she says.
Finally, she removes her knickers.
‘Nothing better than a chocolaty pussy’, she says.
‘Who could turn down this bottom’ she asks, wickedly pointing her chocolate covered bum at us!
And she ends with some advice for us all.

Image set S461 contains 185 enhanced (full screen) images.
These are all 35 mm shots.
Note Honour May’s piercing blue eyes.
She comes to life once her chocolaty dress is removed.
I suppose that is the one disadvantage of separately posed 35 mm shots as we lose the action and continuity.
But let these pics tell their own story.
Some terrific messy woman shots here!
The longer the shoot went…..the better it became!
See if the chocolate coated Honour May appeals to you as we show 5 sample shots.

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Image Set S461

No of Images 185  

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