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Dee with a mixture of Chocolate products

Run-time 20 mins 03 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips

Stream 1 runs 9 mins 56 secs
Dee wears a short sleeved black dress with a full pleated skirt, hold-up stockings and white knickers.
She starts with ‘Hazella’ swirl (with 5 x 500 gramme jars).
This is very smooth and gives a light coloured chocolate effect.
Having been warmed, it is free running and spreads very easily.
Dee stands in our standard silver space ship paddling pool (still fantastic value in January 2020 at £11).
She sleeks the dress with the chocolate and the 5 jars go a very long way! – see CLIP 1.

At 5 mins 45 secs Dee unzips her dress then removes it.
She is topless!
Then her 2nd product which is:
Bradbury’s ‘Duo Spread Chocolate & Hazlenut’(with 3 jars x 400 grammes).
She rubs this over her body with some falling on her mouth and chin.
Dee sleeks it in before lying back full length to dribble more chocolate over herself.
Then she makes an application to her face.
Then a jar is shaken over her face and chest and the chocolate rubbed in.
Dee then lies full length on her stomach before kneeling up so we can see the chocolaty results.
Stream 2 runs10 mins 07 secs
We go to the next product which is ‘Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate Spread’ (2 x 400 gramme jars).
This is very free running as sitting Dee pours the contents of the 1st jar over her body.
She comments on ‘Another smooth chocolate’.
Standing, she pours the 2nd jar of chocolate into her knickers – see CLIP 2.

We move on to the next product which is ‘NUTSY’.
There are two plastic tubs x 400 grammes.
This is a darker chocolate which Dee rubs over her body and face.
At 02 mins 17 secs she removes her knickers and now only wears hold-up stockings.
Her chocolate covered boobs are much darker on the movie than the images (which were lightened to show the detail).
Dee works the ‘Nutsy’ into her body.
She sits in the paddling pool to finish off spreading and massaging the ‘Nutsy’ dark chocolate.
Dee lies back and squirms about the paddling pool.
We move to the final product which is FRIJJ Milkshakes.
Starting with 5 Choc-a Chocolate drinks, soon the liquid chocolate milk is splashed around.
The next 3 drinks go over her head with Dee looking very chocolate coated now.
We are now surprised as Dee produces 5 FRIJJ Strawberry drinks.
Dee calls this ‘A Strawberry Surprise!’
The first two and the final Strawberry milkshake go over her head and help to sluice her body down.
There are some great streaming strawberry milk shots as Dee really does dowse herself down with the Strawberry drink.
But that is a great way to get some chocolate rinsed off her body.
Then Dee flounders about full length in the paddling pool which now has a base liquid coating.
Reclining full length she sloshes her way to the finish still very messy and chocolaty and ends with some rather raunchy shots!

Image set S412 has 202 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) shots of Dee’s messy play.
These shots have been carefully checked over and give a superb account of Dee’s chocolaty play.
You will be spoilt for choice but I am sure you will find at least one you like.
But judge for yourself as we show you 5 sample shots from image set S412.

MOVIES WSM218 has 2 HD Streams running 20 mins 03 secs.

IMAGE SET S412 has 202 shots

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Image Set S412

No of Images 202  

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