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Mud Slut 13 – A Muddy afternoon with Mrs. CC

Run-time 23 mins 56 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Sample Clips plus 3 HD Streams

Stream 1 runs 8 mins 11 secs
Mrs. CC tells us that she will play in the mud rather than go out to lunch!
She has her personal mud-pit in the garden.
It is a lovely warm sunny day.
In her garden, Mrs. CC lifts her tight dress to show us her white undies and pink stockings.
Rolling her dress down the fun commences.
She squelches around to loosen up the mud producing some very slurpy noises.
It is 4 minutes until she starts to get muddy as she sits in the mud-pit.
Then she lies on her stomach for a muddy squirm, while at the same time rubbing the mud into her dress and stockings.
She writhes on her stomach, then pulls up her dress to show her tight white knickers, before pulling her petticoat down.
Her dress is getting mud covered and she splays her legs in a very tarty way as she sits back, and her clothes are now very well mud coated.
Mrs. CC slicks mud over herself as she lounges on her back.
Then she sits up and gets handfuls of wet mud to slick over herself.
The Stream ends as she reverses her direction to lie on her side then her back in the mud-pit.

Stream 2 runs 8 mins 03 secs
This Stream commences with Mrs. CC on her back writhing in the mud – see CLIP 1.

She rolls onto her front and we see her muddy arse.
Mrs. CC tells us she is standing up to show us “What a terrible mess she has made of her lovely dress and her petticoat.”
This is fantastic muddy play with Mrs. CC getting muddied up and enjoying it, but sharing it with us! All her outfit is now mud coated.
She pulls up her dress and petticoat then bends forward to give us an amazing view of her muddy arse and very tight muddy knickers, which she continues to rub mud over.
She tells us she is “Delightfully Muddy!” and continues to slick the mud over her dress.
She lies down on her stomach for another wallow in the runny mud.
We get a great view of her muddy arse as she grinds her aroused clit into the muddy ground.
She sits up and tells us she is enjoying “Getting muddy and squelchy”.
Mrs. CC rubs mud into her hair and cheeks.
She slithers down on her side and we have great POV shots.
Lying back it is not long before her hand finds its way into her tight muddy knickers.
The Mud Slut has to have her muddy enjoyment, so she does not take long to bring herself off, as she friggs herself to a climax!
She removes her dress by ripping it off, starting at the neck-line.
We see a somewhat clean petticoat.
She sits back to remove the tattered muddy dress, then squeezes it over herself.
Then she lies full length in the mud-pit to squirm about some more and get her petticoat fully muddied.
She sits up facing us rubbing further liquidity mud into her shoulders, arms and petticoat covered tits.

Stream 3 runs 7 mins 42 secs
Stream 3 commences with Mrs. CC slicking her muddy legs and pulling down her petticoat to reveal her boobs, which she then enjoys muddying up. - see CLIP 2.

She continues to fondle and mud coat her boobs.
She kneels up and we see part of her back not mud covered. She rubs some mud around.
Then another view of her muddied bum in the tight mud coated knickers.
She poses for us while still applying more mud to her limbs.
This is enjoyable sensual play in a very leisurely manner as Mrs. CC just enjoys the muddy caresses of her hands.
Then further muddy bum poses – quite provocative……but quite alluring!
We close in again for more POV shots especially of her muddied tits!
She stands to remove her petticoat, which slips away. She squeezes the mud from it down her back.
Then she tells us that she has another treat for us.
She has a big container of mud which will go right over her, right over her head!
The container of mud starts runny, but has not been mixed, so it falls as a clump (looking like an enlarged hat or crown) on her head, before it breaks apart.
With two minutes remaining, our Mud Slut removes her knickers!
“That was a real treat being covered in mud like that”, she confesses.
But she is not finished yet!
Mrs. CC lies back in the mud and her hair and face are mud coated!
Still she daubs mud over herself!
She ends by saying “I hope you have enjoyed my mudbath as much as I have! It has been great fun and extremely muddy!”
She then stands up to bid us farewell.
Wow! What a performance! One of Mrs. CC’s best!
What a ‘Mud Slut’ she is!

There are 123 images of this shoot ref M236.
Sadly, these are not 35mm shots but are taken from video grabs.
All images have been enhanced (to full screen).
But there are some fantastic muddy shots!
The location of the mud-pit does give problems with such a stark contrast between the strong sunlight and the shade.
But this is a great record of Mrs. CC’s mud shoot.
And in addition to the shots that follow the movie, there are an extra 24 posed shots at the end of a very muddied Mrs. CC.
Great images to support a great movie!
See what you think as we show 5 sample shots from image set M236.

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Image Set M236

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