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Mrs. CC - car wash in yellow dress & white undies

Run-time 24 mins 28 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format

Stream 1runs 7 mins 34 secs
Mrs. CC washes the car in a most unlikely outfit of tight yellow mini dress, with her white bra on view.
She wears high heeled ankle strap shoes which work marvels to enhance her long and shapely legs.
Before the movie has run 4 minutes, her tight white thong is on display.
Very soon the car wash water is being splashed over her from the sponge, as she soaps herself up – see CLIP 1.

Indeed, the movie should be titled ‘erotic car wash!’
She squats over the wash bowl to soap herself further while looking engagingly at the camera.
After 5 minutes we see the full stunning glory of those long provocative legs.
Mrs. CC continues to enjoy her wet soapy play.
As the 1st Stream ends, she rolls her dress back down for a more leisurely car wash.

Stream 2runs 8 mins 11 secs
As Stream 2 begins, Mrs. CC becomes wetter and adorns the car.
She pulls her dress up again so she can start to play with her clit through her sodden knickers.
Soon her hand is inside her knickers as she starts to gyrate in time with her sex play.
With a brief respite as she caresses her bum, she continues to soap herself up.
Then she is crouching in front of the car looking wet and bedraggled.
She lies on the mat soaping those elegant long legs and covering herself in soapy foam.
She kneels up before the car as soapy water runs down her back.
She daringly pulls her knickers down to soap herself further.
The remainder of the car wash water is poured over her boobs.
The wetting becomes more serious when the hose-pipe is introduced.
First one boob then the other is washed before the hose sluices her pussy.
Still kneeling she pulls her knickers up tight.
Then she stands and rolls down her dress, which is now translucent, as she continues to spray the hose water over it.
She sprays her hair with the hose to wet it, then pulls her tits from her bra.
She sprays her hair, face and neck further.

Then she poses by leaning over the car bonnet, continuing to spray the car and herself.
She rolls up her dress again, adjusts her knickers and continues to wet herself all over with the hose-pipe, while looking very enticing with her boobies exposed.

Stream 3runs 8 mins 43 secs
Mrs. CC lies on the mat spraying her boobs and hair, then her knickers with the hose-pipe.
She squirms on her stomach on the wet mat.
She kneels up continuing to spray herself.
Then a back shot as kneeling she sprays her thin knickers.
She kneels facing us, then her clit play aided by the hose-pipe, begins to turn serious.
Throwing the hose-pipe down, Mrs. CC is now seeking her climax.
She friggs away at her pussy before she reaches her satisfying orgasm.
Then she stands and removes her tight dress.
Now in a white bra (with tits out), white suspender belt and white knickers, the wet Mrs. CC looks rather ravishing.
Then it is back to spraying the car and those fabulous legs – see CLIP 2, before she gives herself a hose-down.

She removes her knickers and continues to spray her body.
Then she removes her bra and continues to hose herself.
The hose-pipe is discarded and she pulls her dress back on, although without her bra and knickers.
Once re-dressed she re-starts the hose-pipe spraying her dress, hair, body and legs.
She ends by tokenly spraying the car before giving us a further stunning wet leg shot.

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MOVIE CC147 has 3 HD quality Streams running 24 mins 28 secs.
This car wash could have provoked a car crash if it had been conducted on the highway!

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Image Set W424

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