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Dee with chopped tomatoes

Run-time 24 mins 41 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 HD Streams in mp4 plus 2 HD Sample Clips in mp4

Stream 1 runs 8 mins 29 secs
Dee wears a sleeveless summery dress with white hold-up stockings and white knickers.
She produces a large tin of chopped tomatoes.
She pours it from a bowl over her arms.
Then some is tipped down her bust before being generously applied to the top of her dress.
Dee stands in a silver space ship paddling pool (still fantastic value in January 2020 at £11).
Dee rubs the tomato product over her arms, dress and legs
She kneels in the pool to continue applying the tomato mixture.
After 4 mins she pours some down her back causing a loud exclamation with the cold substance!
Sitting in the pool, the slow daubing continues.
She stands to show off the results.
At 6 mins she sits back down to swirl around the pool, spreading the messy tomato mainly on her legs and arms.
At 7 mins Dee sits in the pool and pours a bowl of tomatoes down her front.
Now she is getting really messy as she rubs the messy mix over her clothes and squirms around the pool.
More tomatoes go over her arms and the front of her dress – see CLIP 1.

Dee lies on her stomach for a squirm about in the mess, then she rolls on her back.
Her dress, arms and legs are now very messy.

Stream 2 runs7 mins 33 secs
Dee stretches her legs while lying on her back in the pool.
She plays in the tomato mess in the bottom of the pool.
She continues to concentrate on her legs.
Kneeling down, chopped tomatoes rain down on her head completely messing up her hair, with a virtual torrent at times!
After 3 mins Dee sits back after that deluge.
She plays with her messy hair.
Kneeling up she takes a handful of tomatoes to apply to her face.
What a messy woman she now is, completely messed by tomatoes!
More facial daubing follows and her dress is now fully sodden with the tomato juices.
More hair play and a further tomato facial follow.
“Head to toe in tomatoes”, says Dee……..and she is right!
More messy tomato play follows with the emphasis on her hair.
She flounces her dress about before removing it at 6 mins 30 secs.
The topless Dee soon gets to work to coat her arms, boobs and front with the tomato mess.
She even pours some inside her knickers.
Dee sits back to continue to rub the tomato mess over her body.

Stream 3 runs 8 mins 39 secs
Lying in the messy base of the paddling pool, Dee slicks her body with the red tomato mix.
She continually moves about and the camera produces some good POV.
She energetically writhes about getting as messy as possible.
Sitting up she coats her legs, boobs and midriff before pouring some remaining tomato mix into her knickers – see CLIP 2.
She continues to keep daubing her body as she moves around the pool.
At 4-25 she removes her knickers for a further 4 minutes of nude play.
After an energetic roll around the pool, she settles down to a series of poses, with little left to the imagination.
But these are not static poses as Dee is never still and always moving.
With an appropriate messy ending Dee certainly answers all the questions about how messy she could get using that seldom used food substance – chopped Tomatoes!
And you do get plenty of messy Dee for your money in this movie which runs just on 25 minutes.

Image set S405 has 115 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) shots of Dee’s messy play.
There were far more pics shot, but repetition was a constant theme and the set was trimmed.
So we do have a very good record of Dee’s shoot and it is with a more unusual foodstuff.
But judge for yourself as we show you 5 sample shots from image set S405.

S405_ad01 S405_ad02 S405_ad03 S405_ad04 S405_ad05

MOVIES WSM216 has 3 HD Streams running 24 mins 41 secs.

IMAGE SET S405 has 115 shots

Image Set S405

No of Images 115  

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