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Mud Slut 14 - Mrs. CC mud destroys a designer leather skirt

Run-time 11 mins 52 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Sample Clips plus 2 HD Streams

Stream 1 runs 5 mins 40 secs
This is the first movie that Mrs. CC has deliberately set out to mud destroy a garment.
Mrs. CC gives us 3 things: a movie, images and chat!
So no surprise that the movie commences with chat… Mrs. CC describes her outfit.
And the purpose of the exercise, to get her clothes really trashed up!
So she sits back in a muddy area and squelches around in it.
She coats the back of her leather skirt, then her legs as she massages the mud into her stockings.
Kneeling in the mud she daubs the front of the skirt before starting on her blouse – see CLIP 1.

She stands up when the skirt is fully muddy. There are squelching sounds.
She shows us her muddy arse.
She lies on her stomach and squirms in the mud while further daubing her legs.
‘Such a gorgeous mudbath’, she says.
Her skirt and blouse are well mud covered but as yet, no clothes have been removed.

Stream 2 runs6 mins 12 secs
This Stream commences as Mrs. CC rips open her blouse.
She is wearing a black basque.
The mud is now gooey and clinging.
She stands and walks away from the muddied area.
Returning, she then flops back into the muddy area on her stomach.
She writhes in the squelchy mud.
The mud play has stimulated her.
She shows us her muddied arse again.
Mrs. CC flops up and down in the mud to stimulate her clit.
Sunk deeply into the mud she thrashes her thighs!
Indeed, she tells she is fucking the mud!
She lies back to caress herself between her legs as she indulges in self play.
Lying back in the cloying mud she enjoys herself.
Next, she removes her expensive leather designer skirt – see CLIP 2.

She kneels in the mud rubbing it over her body.
She ends by telling us ‘She absolutely adores it!’……the ‘it’ being bathing in mud!
The movie abruptly cuts and ends as Mr. CC joins the scene to give his horny wife what she craves!
Sadly, this is one of those egg timing moments!
With the expectation and the muddy provocation, Mr. CC does not last long!
We have transferred this Clip running 2 mins 11 secs to our ‘Sex Quickies’ movie XXX050.
We hope to publish XXX050 before the end of 2020, plus there are 14 images.
Likewise, there was also a ‘Pissy Clip’ which ran 3 mins 02 secs.
Again, this has been transferred out to movie XXX082 ‘Pissy Quickies 3.’
Once again we hope to publish movie XXX082 Pissy Quickies 3 before the end of 2020 plus 9 images from this shoot.
So an interesting movie with mud, clothes trashing to destruction, piss and concluding with sex!

There are 78 images taken from movie CC155, our ref M247.
Sadly, these are not 35mm shots but are taken from video grabs.
All images have been enhanced (to full screen).
This is a great record of Mrs. CC’s mud shoot with some fantastic muddy outdoor shots!
Great images to support a great movie!
These are the sample shots shown:
Sample shot 1 – that expensive designer leather skirt
Sample shot 2 – getting down and dirty as the leather skirt gets muddied
Sample shot 3 – a rather muddied Mrs. CC mud massages a leg
Sample shot 4 – muddied legs, bum and skirt
Sample shot 5 – The Mud Slut awaits the entry of Mr. CC
We hope you enjoy these 5 sample shots from image set M247.

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Image Set M247

No of Images 78  

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