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Honour May takes a fully clothed bathe in the river

Run-time 18 mins 20 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips – in MP4 format

Stream 1 runs 9 mins 08 secs
We open with Honour May stood ankle deep in the river dressed in our own ‘Wet Shots’ t-shirt.
She wears tight fitting leggings and heels (and as we will discover a black thong).
And what is a great feature of model Honour May?
Her chat, as she tells us just how she finds the experience.
Honour starts by splashing about rather carefully.
Now if you think that UK rivers are hot in the summer you are well mistaken.
That is why there are so few outdoor lidos these days despite global warming!
Honour tells us about her special top that dates from 1982.
She carefully splashes up her outfit becoming more and more bold.
Eventually at 4 mins 03 secs she sits in the water.
From there she loses her fears and enjoys the experience.
At 4-52 she lies forward to wet the front of the t-shirt.
Honour shows off her outfit.
At 5-24 she falls back so becoming wetter and wetter.
‘Does my bum look good?’ she asks us at 5-53.
Her non-stop chatter continues.
She tells us that she is wearing the same leggings as she wore in the studio.
This was in movie WSM219 shot 4 months earlier when Honour was under the studio shower in black (available as a Download ‘Honour May under the shower in black’ or on the Subscription site).
At 7-04 she lies back to get her hair wet.
Now she is delightfully Wet.
She swishes her wet hair and splashes herself with some beguiling shots – see CLIP 1.

At 8-13 she stands to show us the true Wetlook and is well pleased with her wet appearance.

Stream 2 runs 9 mins 12 secs
Commences with Honour diving in to get ‘really wet’.
She swims along before standing so we can admire her wet outfit.
She wades back against the current before taking a further swim upstream.
‘I really am wet now’, she says at 1-39.
Honour enjoys the water.
She removes her top then shows us ‘a bit of topless swimming’ – see CLIP 2.

Honour larks in the river and pretends she can see fish!
At 4-18 she starts to remove her leggings.
We all admire her voluptuous figure as she strips.
‘Just my little black thong now’ says Honour as she treats us to some tasty views.
She ventures into the river and splashes about.
Returning to the shallows she sits displaying her thong both front and back.
Honour tells us that ‘Wet underwear really does turn her on!’
At 7-29 she starts to remove her thong.
The movie concludes as the nude Honour displays her charms in the cool river.
A wonderful experience with a wonderful model.

IMAGE SET W397 has 260 Enhanced (full screen) shots.
This is quite a set and it took a lot of preparation.
But everyone should find a favourite shot here.
It is a terrific outdoor wet set that should please every discerning Wetlook enthusiast.
After being apprehensive, Honour May totally enjoyed the experience.
But savor it as it is our only outdoor wet shoot of the fabulous Honour May.
We show you 6 sample shots from image set W397.

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Image Set W397

No of Images 260  

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