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Mrs. CC goes Fishing

Run-time 14 mins 45 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

1 HD Stream plus 2 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format
Mrs. CC has brought Mr. CC to a river where she believes she will catch a big fish.
Mr. CC gives her a big put-down saying the river is too shallow and her fishing rod “Absolutely pathetic. You are not going to catch anything with that!” he says.
Of course Mrs. CC disagrees and is confident she will fish well.
Mr. CC went off for a snooze leaving his hopeful wife on the river bank.
She casts her line and lies back to await a bite.
Suddenly the line twitches and Mrs. CC is shocked to see her monster catch! – see CLIP 1.

There follows an eight minute scene as Mrs. CC attempts to land her massive fish.
She fights, struggles, wrestles and calls Mr. CC to assist her capture the enormous fish.
This is a remarkable scene as it is not easy to replicate such a struggle with an inanimate object!
Judge for yourself as we see how she fares – see CLIP 2.

  Of course Mrs. CC ends up as we all hope, totally wet through and soaked from head to toe!
This is great wet river fun!
Eventually, Mrs. CC lands her catch.
An excited Mrs. CC arouses her sleepy husband.
Mrs. CC boasts of her catch.
He is very sceptical but amazed at her drenched appearance.
Mrs. CC responds saying “If you see the size of the fish I have caught, you will be in no doubt why I am so wet!”
Mr. CC thinks that she has merely gone swimming.
Seeing the fish, Mr. CC is duly impressed.
“That’s incredible Mrs. CC”, he says. “I’m in awe…..that is fantastic!”
The fish is as big as Mr. CC.
“You missed all the fun”, says Mrs. CC.
Yes, he did……but we did not!!

In addition there are 163 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) of Mrs. CC’s fishing fun.
For a change, no nudity here but Mrs. CC excels in her wet endeavours to land that fish!
Plenty of Wetlook action here.
But sadly, image set W358 reveals just why this movie is so short!
Actually, it was meant to be a 3 part movie!
Because after catching the fish, Mr. and Mrs. CC both go into the river for some further Wet play.
And they cross the river for some XXX play on a grassy knoll.
But remarkably my movie editor failed to pick up on parts 2 and 3 so the original footage was lost!
What a shame!
But we did shoot the 35mm images so have added a further 28 shots to the original fishing image set.
We show you 5 sample shots taken from the fishing set.

MOVIE WSM197 or CC75 has a single HD Stream running 14 mins 45 secs.

IMAGE SET W358 has 163 shots .


Image Set W358

No of Images 163  

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