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Girl-girl messy fun with Angel Delights

Run-time 35 mins 25 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 HD Sample Clips in MP4
3 HD Streams in MP4

Stream 1 runs 11 mins 32 secs
HM’s boss has organized this event.
Mrs. CC shows the Angel Delights to HM.
They admire each other’s outfits.
HM tries to guess the flavor and correctly guesses Strawberry.
She rubs the Strawberry Delight in her breasts.
Mrs . CC stands behind HM to massage her tits.
HM guesses correctly as the next flavor is butterscotch.
Mrs. CC puts her hand up her skirt to rub dessert over her panties.
HM loves it!
Mrs. CC lifts her skirt so we all can see her messy panties.
HM admires Mrs. CC’s cleavage.
A bowl of Banana Angel Delight is deposited down her cleavage.
HM caresses Mrs. CC’s tits.
Banana Angel Delight is deposited and rubbed over Mrs. CC’s dress.
Then Strawberry Angel Delight is pushed into Mrs. CC’s stockings.
‘Tell me how it feels as it oozes into your stockings?’ asks HM.
HM stands & leans against the wall while Mrs. CC plasters her dress over the bum then her stockings with the Strawberry dessert.
Mrs. CC rubs the dessert up and down her legs before slapping it on her knickered bum.
Mrs. CC is quite overcome by the sight and licks HM’s thigh as she continues to mess her up – see CLIP 1.

HM lies back against the wall as Mr. CC plasters her panties.
Then HM wants her gloves filled up and squeezed and of course Mrs. CC obliges.

Stream 2 runs 13 mins 01 secs
‘The back of your dress is far too clean’, says HM.
HM commences by putting her messy hands on Mrs. CC’s bum, so staining her dress.
A bowl of chocolate Angel Delight is poured right down Mrs. CC’s back.
Her dress is lifted and Mrs. CC is spanked with chocolate Angel Delight by HM.
HM tells her boss off for playing with herself.
She turns her forward before putting the chocolate Angel Delight down her panties – see CLIP 2.

HM asks if Mrs. CC is ready for her treat?
Then HM fligs Mrs. CC over her sloppy panties.
Next, HM offers Mrs. CC a shampoo.
She gets Mrs. CC to kneel down before Banana Angel Delight is poured over her hair as a nice shampoo/conditioner.
It covers her hair and runs right down her back.
Fantastic pictures here.
HM strokes her hair and the back of her dress.
HM asks Mrs. CC to return the favour with a shampoo for her.
HM closes her eyes while Mrs. CC decides.
Mrs. CC strokes and caresses her hair.
It is a peachy colour she tells her as she caresses handfuls of peach Angel Delight into her hair.
Mrs. CC is excited too and plays with herself as she does HM’s hair.
HM rubs some of the peach dessert into her boobs.
HM has a playful squish around while Mrs. CC takes the opportunity to slather the Angel Delight on her pussy, knickers and front.
Lifting her panties Mrs. CC fills them with the Angel Delight to great appreciation by HM.
HM lies back in ecstasy before giving herself a vigorous fligging.
They kiss, then Mrs. CC undoes her dress caressing her tits as the dress is removed.
HM removes and drains her gloves.
Mrs. CC caresses her boobs further.
HM’s dress is fully removed.
Then Mrs. CC has her dress removed, then her bra as HM nuzzles and rubs Mrs. CC’s tits.
They rub up against each other, tit to tit!
Mrs. CC lies back to have more Angel Delight drizzled over her body by HM who pays special attention to her tits.
A further bowl of Angel Delight is deposited over Mrs. CC’s tits, stomach and panties as she lies back totally enjoying the experience.
HM tells her to touch herself, so Mrs. CC’s hand is quickly inside her knickers.
HM caresses away at her body as Mrs. CC continues to lie back full length.
HM gets on top of Mrs. CC for a messy slide together lubricated by the Angel Delight all over their bodies. They squirm together!
They climax and kiss!

Stream 3 runs 10 mins 52 secs
As Mrs. CC enjoyed her orgasm, she now sets out to make HM cum.
Mrs. CC removes HM’s panties calling her a ‘dirty bitch!’ Her panties are removed with a delicious squelch! But judge for yourselves – see CLIP 3.

Next HM’s shoes are removed.
HM expresses her delight with her messiness.
Mrs. CC sucks her messy toes!
‘Covered in butterscotch! Isn’t this just a dream!’ says HM.
Mrs.CC coats her pussy with Angel Delight.
HM reacts with relish as Mrs. CC rubs her pussy to bring her to orgasm.
Spying her enlarged clit, Mrs. CC goes down for a munch.
This is quite a sight with HM lying full length on her back & Mrs. CC full length on her stomach.
A tub of chocolate Angel Delight is produced.
Mrs. CC bends over and HM removes her panties and shoes.
HM fingers Mrs. CC’s pussy and arse.
HM trickles chocolate Angel Delight over Mrs. CC’s arse so it runs down over her clit.
HM fingers her!
Mrs. CC lies down on her stomach while HM vigorously fligs her pussy bringing her to a climax again.
HM pours the rest of the chocolate dessert over her bum before thrusting her face between Mrs. CC’s legs to blow her pussy and arse!
Very unusual…..but very effective!
Then HM squirms on Mrs. CC’s back with some great close-up shots.
HM is in a state of high arousel and cums again.
Both girls lie back spent!
They cosy-up together with the remaining dessert poured between them.
They squirm together once more aiming for one more orgasm each.
They kiss passionately stroking each others messy hairs.
Finally, they have one last roll.
Quite a sight and quite an experience especially with Mrs. CC being over 30 years older than HM.
You will not see this elsewhere!
Unique material of an unique couple!

Image set S464 has 140 shots of this tantalizing encounter.
These are enhanced (full screen) images and the messy colours stand out against the drab background.
Who is your favourite?
We have done our best to even up the shots and to promote both girls.
If you like girls getting it together with full-on mess, then you will love this!
But see for yourself as we show you 5 sample shots from image set S464.

MOVIES WSM263 and CC157 have 3 HD Streams running 35 mins 25 secs and are only available as a Download.

IMAGE SET S464 has 140 shots

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Image Set S464

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