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Dee - Splosh Me

Run-time 15 mins 49 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

1 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips in MP4

Shooting movie WSM224 was one of those days!
As soon as I fired up my movie lights, one bulb blew on switch on!
So Dee tells us we only have one light (which gives half power) but that she is on full power!
Mid-way through the 1st scene, one of my two image lights failed.
So this movie WSM224 and image set S416 were a struggle and the movie length was very much reduced as a result.
It commences as Dee describes her outfit – see sample shots below for the reality.
She suggests a start to the sploshing should be at her feet and legs i.e. Splosh me up!
Her legs are are sploshed with custard flans.
Then it was her thighs and gradual upward sploshing until at 5 mins 54 secs she tells us she is “nearly sploshed all over!”
We get some nice shots when Dee sits on a small table and waves her custard coated, black stockinged legs about at 6-57 – see CLIP 1 for preview.

>>>>> SEE CLIP

Just when you think that Dee has escaped the custard flan in the face, then it happens at 8-27.
Following that her hair gets some rice pudding treatments – thrown at her!
Rice pudding flans are rubbed either side of her head at 10-31 and Dee enjoys the moment, rubbing rice pudding around her face.
Suddenly we have a big jump in the action at 11-29.
Dee is now nude except for her knickers, stockings and shoes.
She pours some chocolate Swirl into her knickers – see CLIP 2.
>>>>> SEE CLIP

At 12-34 she removes her knickers to rub the chocolate mixture over her body.
At 13-14 some squirty cream is introduced.
Dee is unimpressed and even has to tell the Phantom how to squirt it!
At 14-28 Dee sits on the table in her very messed up state.
We get some explicit shots as she poses to end this short but interesting messy shoot.

Image set S416 has 130 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) shots of Dee’s messy play.
With the lighting limitations these are rather one dimensional.
But there are excellent close-ups pics so you feel you are really involved.
We did lose one of our main 35mm lights half way through.
But the images have been reworked to give a great account of Dee’s sploshing.
And there are some extra shots of Dee topless with her dress still on.
We show you 5 sample shots from image set S416.

MOVIE WSM224 has a single HD Stream running 15 mins 49 secs.
This is only available as a Download.

IMAGE SET S416 has 130 shots

S416_ad01 S416_ad02 S416_ad03 S416_ad04 S416_ad05

Image Set S416

No of Images 130  

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