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Mrs. CC prefers the river to tennis

Run-time 23 mins 22 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 3 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format

Stream 1runs 13 mins 37 secs
Mature lady Mrs. CC explains why she has decided to visit the river.
We have already described Mrs. CC’s outfit above and she shows this off after Clip 1.

During this 1st Stream, no garments are removed. It is all just wet river play!
She lounges in the river but becomes more and more adventuresome.
Lying back in the shallows, she gets her blonde hair wet.
The sun glistens on the waters.
She continues to get wet to keep cool.
Then she takes her first roll in the water.
She kneels up with some provocative poses.
You feel like you are there in the river beside her!
She takes a 2nd roll across the river, totally enjoying it – see Clip 2

Now totally wet, Mrs. CC wants a swim.
She dives under the fast flowing current and looks a wet treat!
“What more does a girl want”, she asks, “but sunshine and water!”
She flops back into the water and splashes about.
Swept along by the current, she rolls around the river.

Stream 2runs 9 mins 45 secs
As Stream 2 begins, Mrs. CC removes her tennis dress.
We see her underwear set, with bra, suspender belt, brief knickers, stockings and white heels.
Back down into the river she goes for yet more wet play.
There is a brief concentration on some great wet leg shots.
After 2 mins 40 secs she removes her bra.
She cavorts topless in the river still displaying those long wet legs! – see Clip 3

Then more wet rolling about in just her suspender belt, knickers, stockings and heels.
Yet again we are up close with her in the river.
Some further delicious wet shots as she dips her hair for added effect.
She retreats to the shallows to remove her “skimpy little knickers” at 6 mins 40 secs.
Mrs. CC lies back in the shallows playing with her brief knickers before some very revealing shots.
The last couple of minutes are rather raunchy.
They set the scene for the sequel!
For when Mr. CC arrives (not in this movie) the naughty XXX scene gets underway.
This XXX scene is part of movie XXX050 Sex Quickies 1 due for release in 2021.

In addition there are 257 images in set W390.
These images are enhanced full screen shots.
The overwhelming majority are landscape shots that do fully fill the screen.
Mrs. CC revels in this wet experience.
With wider angle shots of Mrs. CC in the river, I have tried to encompass the beauty of Mrs. CC plus the natural beauty of the river in a dual capture.
Mrs. CC is at one with nature.
My compromise to erotica is shown as this movie ends.
How successful were these ambitions?
Judge for yourselves as we show you 6 sample shots from image set W390.

MOVIE WSM232-CC114 has 2 HD quality Streams running 23 mins 22 secs.

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Image Set W390

No of Images 257  

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