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Girl-girl Wet with Honour May and Mrs. Custard Couple

Run-time 23 mins 02 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Sample Clips in MP4
2 HD Streams in MP4

When the queen of WAM meets the delectable Honour May, the results are sensational!
This is Girl/Girl the WSM way.
And both ladies end up totally satisfied.
Even our cameraman excelled with many great angles.
Sadly this is our final shoot of Mrs. CC and Honour May getting Wet.
If only things could go on forever!
But enjoy this for the delight it will bring!

Stream 1 runs 11 mins 03 secs
Honour May attends having replied to an advert for a model who enjoys getting wet and is attractive in wet clothes.
She shows off her outfit to Mrs. Custard Couple.
Mrs. CC tells her that she runs a magazine on Wetlook (note-this is fiction! No such magazine exists!)
Honour May asks Mrs. CC how they start.
So Mrs. CC asks her to go under the shower dressed as she is!
Mrs. CC offers to guide her.
After 2 mins 30 secs the shower is turned on.
Mrs. CC instructs Honour.
Of course Honour takes to it like a duck to water!
Starting with leg and shoe shots, soon Honour is backing in gently to the shower.
Honour admires her wet stockings, then goes back under the shower for some fine wetlook (which arouses her nipples!)
Mrs. CC admires Honour’s wet outfit.
Encouraged by Mrs. CC she lifts her skirt so we see her black knickers, suspender belt and stockings.
Honour asks Mrs. CC to demonstrate and get wet for her (Hello! Hello!)
Of course Mrs. CC is totally unable to resist!
She praises Honour’s efforts then at 8 mins 27 secs Mrs. CC is under the shower.
Mrs. CC reveals that the wetness excites her!
She rolls up her skirt so we can see her long wet stockinged legs!
Honour is equally unable to resist and comes and feels her wet silky legs before feeling her bum!
Honour is now feeling Mrs. CC’s dress and expressing her delight at the change of colour, while she also admires Mrs. CC’s boobs!
Honour asks if she can join Mrs. CC under the shower.
She is delighted to be accepted to join Mrs. CC, (but takes our cameraman by surprise) as she lunges to kiss and fondle Mrs. CC – see CLIP 1.

She pulls down the top of Mrs. CC’s dress to admire her red latex bra.

Stream 2 runs 11 mins 59 secs
Proceedings grow more steamy as Honour licks one of Mrs. CC’s boobs.
She excuses herself saying she cannot help it, as seeing Mrs. CC so wet just turns her on!
Mrs. CC is not complaining as Honour licks and sucks her other boob.
Then Mrs. CC is feeling Honour’s arse before squatting to kiss and tongue her bum.
Honour requests a spank from Mrs. CC…….who duly obliges.
Mrs. CC rubs her boobs over Honour’s bum.
Honour squats down and she grabs Mrs. CC for a further kiss.
Mrs. CC rips Honour’s dress open at her boobs.
Then it is Mrs. CC’s turn to steal a kiss while fondling then kissing Honour’s boobs.
Honour cosies up to Mrs. CC for further fondling then kisses, while the shower sprays down.
Mrs. CC lies on the shower floor while Honour removes her dress.
Honour kneels over Mrs. CC before removing Mrs. CC’s bra.
Sitting up, Mrs. CC has her boobs kissed and nuzzled by Honour.
They kiss some more.
Mrs. CC removes Honour’s dress and the water cascades down Honour’s back from the shower.
Kneeling like that Mrs. CC caresses her pussy then gives her a vigorous frigging.
With Honour sat up and pressed against the wall, Mrs CC lying on her stomach, homes in to kiss her pantied pussy, before parting those panties!
Great shots of pussy licking under a full spray of water.
Honour lifts her head and they kiss again.
Mrs. CC sits in the corner (under the shower) and Honour licks and nuzzles her pantied pussy.
But there is little satisfaction in that, so Honour removes Mrs. CC’s panties.
Honour finger friggs Mrs. CC’s pussy before diving in to tongue her pussy – see CLIP 2, while the shower thunders down.

Some more kisses before Honour, with Mrs. CC lying on her stomach, friggs her arse and clit asking Mrs. CC to cum for her! Mrs. CC has little trouble in rising to the occasion!
Next, Honour has her knickers removed.
Mrs. CC tells her she is “So looking forward to this!”
With Honour sat up, Mrs. CC lunges in to give her pussy a good tonguing.
She soon has Honour in ecstasy as she gasps her fulfillment!
They bask together after this torrid encounter.
Honour confesses that it was her first ever Wet experience and it was absolutely terrific.
They stand and embrace and we leave them in a clinch.
Phew! Very, very steamy with both girls totally satisfied!

IMAGE SET W415 has 126 Enhanced (full screen) shots.
Now one of the things that separates WSM from others is that we take great care in the preparation of our image shots.
Why leave a job half done!
I am sure each person will find something of value to them in these 126 shots.
But let our images do our talking.

We show you 5 sample shots from image set W415.

MOVIE WSM259 (WSM number) or CC154 (Custard Couple movie number) has 2 HD Streams running 23 mins 02 secs and is only available as a Download.

IMAGE SET W415 has 126 shots

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Image Set W415

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