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Honour May in Nutella Mess-Up

Run-time 24 mins 10 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Sample Clips plus 2 HD Streams

Stream 1 runs 12 mins 51 secs
This is Honour May chocolate play with non-stop chat!
She explains why she is dressed how she is.
But a chocolate fountain has been on her mind.
So she has got the Nutella out for some chocolate play.
She loves the smell…….(which is something not often spoken about in WAM scenes).
So how does she commence her chocolate play?
This is with chocolate Nutella into her stocking.
Then the chocolate play develops until she has smeared the stockings on both her legs.
She sits on the floor and examines her dress splattered with chocolate– see CLIP 1.

Do you like our brief overhead shots?
Honour May smears the chocolate over her heels and feet.
She stands to pour the Nutella down the back and side of her white dress.
She spreads the choc all down her dress.
Another jar of Nutella over her dress turns it very chocolaty.
Honour May enjoys the sensation and the brown results!

Stream 2 runs 11 mins 19 secs
The next jar of Nutella goes down her cleavage.
Honour May squishes the chocolate and makes it ooze.
She removes her dress to inspect her chocolate nipples.
She tweaks her chocolate covered nipples.
Soon she is smearing more chocolate over her boobs.
She rubs the chocolate all over the front of her body until she is almost chocolate covered.
She decides her bum needs some attention.
So another jar of Nutella goes over her arse.
Great close-up shots here!
She rubs the chocolate over her bum and then?
Well watch CLIP 2 to find out!

She ends up very well coated with chocolate!
So what remains?
Her hair!
Two jars of Nutella remain and one goes over her head.
Great close-up shots as Honour May expresses her delight.
She rubs the chocolate into her face.
She squats on the floor exquisitely chocolate covered.
She is so sticky!
Honour May lies back on the floor in delight.
But her “pussy is ridiculously clean!”
She removes her knickers and then applies the remaining jar of Nutella.
She examines “her pretty pink pussy – she stands out very nice now when she is all chocolaty like this”, she says.
Honour May pours the chocolate down her pussy in detailed close-up.
She squeezes every last drop from the jar over herself, then rubs the choc over her pussy.
Honour May says “she thoroughly enjoyed getting good and messy!”
So WSM wave farewell to a fabulous model and wish her well for her future.

There are 173 images taken from movie WSM267, our ref S467.
The majority of shots are 35mm and look just great.
I think we have done Honour May justice in replicating a great messy shoot.
But WSM do take enormous pride in our image sets.
Great images to support a great movie!
We hope you enjoy these 6 sample shots from image set S467.

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Image Set S467

No of Images 173  

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