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Mrs. CC - Car Wash 1

Run-time 26 mins 40 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format

Stream 1runs 12 mins 34 secs
Car Wash 1 is Mrs. CC’s first brave attempt to wash her car in the driveway outside her home.
She wears a grey brief mini skirt plus a rather formal white long sleeved blouse with a bra.
Of course she has stockings and suspenders plus full white knickers and high heeled shoes (which again work marvels to enhance her long and shapely legs).
She commences washing the side of the car.
But it is not long before she has water on the back of her brief skirt followed by the front and her blouse.
We have some great leggy then bum shots.
Next she switches to wash the car windscreen, which is followed by a rather unusual shot of her car washing taken from inside the car.
After 6 mins she cleans the car bonnet with more leg and bum shots.
At 7 mins 48 secs she pours a bowl of water over herself while lying on the bonnet, with some wonderful stocking and suspender shots.
Mrs. CC does her best to brighten up a rather dull, grey day.
At 9-45 a hosepipe is introduced.
She sprays the side of the car and herself with some very sultry squatting shots.
Then she sprays the car bonnet with more self hosing on her legs and skirt before squatting again to hose her legs and knickers – see CLIP 1.

Now aroused due to her wet state Mrs. CC seeks a place she can get really wet, so the scene now switches to her garden.

Stream 2runs 14 mins 06 secs
In the garden, Mrs. CC commences by pouring bottled water down herself.
At 2-02 she unbuttons her blouse.
This is followed by a bowl of water down her front.
At 2-53 she kneels to squeeze hot soapy water from the sponge down herself, followed by a soaping of her long legs.
At 4-15 her boobs come out for “a nice soapy wash”.
At 4-50 she starts to play with herself as the water incites her passion.
Further soapy water shots continue as she tries to provoke us as well.
At 7-01 Mrs. CC removes her blouse with more soapy water squeezed down her front.
This is followed by large bowls of water completely wetting her – see CLIP 2

At 8-30 her skirt is removed.
Mrs. CC is now in her bra, white full knickers, stockings, suspenders and heels.
She lies on her mat to continue squeezing the warm, soapy water over herself.
Soon her hands and the sponge are fluttering over her clit.
We get a brief pussy view before she starts to play with herself and caress her clit.
By 11-07 both hands are joined in clit play and she writhes as she heads towards her climax.
At 11-52 she has her hand in her knickers and shortly later cums with a facial close-up!
Mrs. CC sums up her actions “set out to do my car and finish off doing me!”
At 13-09 she lies back for a final soaping.
Then she kneels to pour the last of the soapy water down herself (with special attention to her clit!)
Phew! No wonder Mrs. CC was so anxious to wash her car!

MOVIE CC110 has 2 HD quality Streams running 26 mins 40 secs.
The water temperature seemed to rise, so no wonder part 2 was conducted in the privacy of her garden! A memorable experience!

In addition there are 137 image sets in set W305.
The images have been lightened to lift the poor visibility.
And some of these pics glow with her wet passion!
We show you 5 sample shots from image set W305.

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Image Set W305

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