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Dee tests Slube (red gunge)

Run-time 22 mins 46 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format

Stream 1 runs 12 mins 05 secs
Dee examines the red strawberry flavoured lube in the paddling pool which should turn red on her.

She sits in the pool to examine the lube’s properties.

As it is a new type of messiness for Dee, she is more cautious and plays around more.
It is soft and pliable and smells nice.
Dee enjoys slicking her stockings and the gloopey sounds the product makes (check this out from 4 mins 20 secs to 4-38 and also from 5-10 to 6-00.)
At 5 mins 26 secs she applies the lube to the sleeves of her dress.
Then at 5-58 she lies back in the gunge.
We can see the effect on her dress and hair.
The product is very model friendly and Dee enjoys slopping it over herself and rolling about the pool.
Soon her dress is saturated.
At 9 mins 30 secs Dee tells us the test of a good product is how it goes on the hair.
So she lies back to coat her hair with the lube.
‘Nice and oily’ she says as the lube glistens on her hair.
We see another face and hair coating – see CLIP 1.

Dee approves of the experience and continues to massage the lube into her hair.

Stream 2 runs 10 mins 41 secs
Sitting in the pool Dee continues her gloopey lube play.
This is a very liquid lube.
A totally bedraggled Dee looks so good as the shiny lube covers her body and outfit.
She is continually active.
After 3 minutes she removes her dress.
Now we can see the shiny lube on her body.
And Dee continues to play in the slippy solution with plenty of gloopey sounds!
See her enjoy slopping the lube on her body and then sleeking her legs – see CLIP 2.

At 7 mins 57 secs Dee removes her white knickers (which are now pink!)
We have some final play with her clad only in black hold-ups.
Some very tantalizing pussy glimpses!
Then we have a conclusion, as Dee tells us the lube “Is very soft and oily”.
After being showered she states that “It is very recommended”.
So a successful product test by a mature and experienced model.

In image set S439 there are 112 shots.
WSM have changed their approach to the images which are very time consuming.
Nobody seems to appreciate them!
To me there are some wondrous shots as the 35mm camera shows its true worth!
Just as well I have reached this conclusion now as the end of WSM appears in sight.
Enjoy while you can.
We show you 5 sample shots from image set S439.

MOVIE WSM250 has 2 HD quality Streams running 22 mins 46 secs.

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Image Set S439

No of Images 112  

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