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Dee is a Chocolate Lady

Run-time 19 mins 35 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format

Stream 1 runs 10 mins 04 secs
Another Chocolate shoot from Dee.
How was this liquid chocolate product made?
We used 4 kilos of Cadburys Drinking Chocolate plus 12 pints of warmed milk.
The shoot took 45 minutes.
What other Chocolate shoots has Dee done?
WSM194 Dee tests new Chocolate spread product Nutcity.
WSM208 Dee tests new chocolate spread product Nutsy.
WSM218 Dee with chocolate products mixture.
WSM222 Dee messy with Impress Swirl chocolate product.
And still to come we have:
Dee in chocolate head dunking and sploshing WSM262
And finally Dee in further Chocolate Swirl play WSM282

But back to our movie.
Dee commences by showing off her outfit.
She applies the choc to her arms and the front of her dress.
She starts on her legs.
She splashes the choc over herself.
The front of the dress is getting well coated.
She leans over the bowl of choc and shows how short her dress is.
She covers the back of her legs with the chocolate.
But the quickest way to ensure good coverage is to pour the choc over herself – see CLIP 1

The front of her dress is now very well covered with the chocolate.
Dee remarks that she has a two tone dress now – brown at the front and white at the back.
So how does she get the back of her dress chocolaty?
By pouring it down her back!
But this is only partially successful.
Dee gets on the floor (and the camera follows her down to eye level.)
She lies back in the mess to cover her back and raises her chocolate covered legs on high!
She kneels up to show us the result.
Dee lies back and squirms her bum in the chocolaty mess.
She is never still and roams about stretching and bending.
We see another super leg shot as she lies back.
Dee quishes around in the choc with her legs.
Her dress has just about changed colour to all chocolate!
Kneeling behind a bowl of chocolate it is time to apply it to her face, followed by her neck and shoulders.
Then it is time to dip her hair into the chocolate bowl.
To make it easier, Dee tips the bowl of chocolate over her head.
She even rubs her hair in the choc on the floor!
Dee plays with her hair and looks rather pleased with her chocolate play so far.
Back down on the floor she lies for more chocolate mess and hair play.

Stream 2 runs 9 mins 31 secs
We start the 2nd Stream with the camera again at floor level as Dee sploshes about on the floor.
Then she is rolling about before kneeling for more hair play.
She sits on the floor caressing her chocolaty legs and hair.
She kneels on all fours to trail her hair into the chocolate floor mess.
After another bout of floor play she sits on the plinth stretching her chocolate coated legs – see CLIP 2.

It is difficult to make out the detail of Dee as she is so chocolate coated.
She removes an ankle boot to show a white foot within her tights.
The foot is soon messed up!
Next she removes her dress.
Then it is more body smearing with the chocolate.
She lies down full length on her stomach on the floor.
She dips her face into a bowl of the chocolate (and the camera is there at eye level).
She emerges from the bowl dripping chocolate.
Sitting on the plinth she removes her ankle boots, tights and knickers.
She puts the ankle boots back on.
Dee takes a bowl of chocolate and pours it down herself while sat on the plinth.
Once more she is lively and cavorts about in her nude state giving occasional pussy flashes.
She sits back on the plinth totally chocolate covered to survey a very messy chocolate area.
But Dee is relaxed having enjoyed such a messy shoot that was so well performed!

Image set S443 has 174 shots.
The 35mm camera gives a wonderful colourful image.
But every image needs to be checked.
We give you an un-amended image 6 shots from the end (yes, we do process it with the 5th shot from the end).
And if you want an example of a video grab, then do see the 10th shot from the end.
This has a bluish tinge and is rather stark compared with the softer 35mm shots.
So as you see, initial captures need reviewing and overhaul before publication.
I suppose the only question is now dark do you want the shots to be?
We show you 6 sample end result shots from our published image set S443.

MOVIE WSM254 has 2 HD quality Streams running 19 mins 35 secs.

S443_ad01 S443_ad02 S443_ad03 S443_ad04 S443_ad05 S443_ad06

Image Set S443

No of Images 174  

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