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Mrs. CC in Wet Hairwash 4

Run-time 28 mins 25 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 HD Streams plus 3 HD Sample Clips

Stream 1 runs 8 mins 06 secs
Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) has decided to shampoo her hair in her hallway.
She wears blue jeans, a black long sleeved knitted top and tiny pale blue knickers.
She wets her hair with a jug and the water goes into a large plastic container.
She applies shampoo to her hair, then caresses her soapy hair showing us aspects of her shampooed hair before combing it. All this time she chats to us.
She rubs her foamy hands down the front of her blouse
She tells us she is going to be naughty and waste some shampoo- see CLIP 1.

  She undoes the top button on her blouse, caresses her boobs and blouse, putting water over her blouse.

Stream 2 runs 11 mins 15 secs
Mrs. CC stands to rinse the shampoo from her hair.
She plays with her wet soapy hair as the foam runs down her back.
She wipes the foam over her clothes.
Then she pours water over her hair and clothes as she attempts to wash the shampoo from her hair.
Next, she applies her conditioner.
Sitting, she rubs the conditioner into her hair, then combs her wet hair.
She spreads more water down her blouse while waiting for the conditioner to soften her hair.
Then she mischievously spreads shampoo over the top of her jeans.
She rubs it in then has her first really naughty thought, saying that it looks like cum on her legs, with her jeans just covered in spunk.
She pours water over the top of her jeans and blouse and rubs it in on her jeans.
More shampoo is added to her blouse and then rubbed in.
The smell of the shampoo kick starts her imagination – see CLIP 2.

  In her mind the waves pound her and trigger further thoughts.
She undoes her jeans thinking of the waves splattering her body and pounding her arse.
She is lying on the beach getting covered in foam from the waves.
Mrs. CC squirms in her chair and starts to remove her jeans.
She squirts shampoo down her legs and rubs it in.
She is soon grasping between her thighs.
Her Wet beach fantasy continues as she gradually arouses herself.
We see some lovely Wet long leg shots as she caresses her glistening legs.
She adds her discarded high heels to heighten the leg effect.
Then her hands go to her head to caress her wet soft locks.

Stream 3 runs 9 mins 04 secs
Mrs. CC then proceeds to tell us her secret naughty thoughts.
Her tale arouses her as she plays with herself exposing her pussy.
Strong masturbation accompanied by her story and hair and pussy play builds her climax.
She undoes her blouse to expose her tits.
She builds towards a noisy climax continuing her horny thoughts of wet play and sights at the beach!
Mrs. CC cums in a prolonged climax, which is continued as she inserts a finger in her pussy, to a stunning prolonged orgasm!
She rinses her hair again as it is very foamy.
Standing, she pours the water over the back of her head and down her back.
Her wetness prolongs her fantasies.
Facing forward, she pours the remaining water from the container down herself – see CLIP 3.

  Then she sums up her hairwash experience.
Mrs. CC hopes you enjoyed her Hairwash with a difference which maybe has broadened your horizons!

There are 103 images in set W443 of Mrs. CC’s Wet Hairwash.
An interesting set of shots.
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Image Set W443

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