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Dee destroys cream dress in messiest mud play

Run-time 23 mins 34 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams
plus 2 HD Sample Clips

Stream 1 runs 11 mins 43 secs
We see Dee at a new muddy site high up on a hillside.
She is dressed in a short sleeve cream dress, with white knickers and grey hold-up stockings with purple heels.
She starts telling us she is “nice and clean”.
Now Dee has always been a 100% WSM girl and tells us “I’m looking forward to getting all nice and messy!”
She paddles into the location then stomps about preparing the boggy, squelchy ground.
She kneels down before sitting in the mud to rub some over her arms.
Kneeling, she goes on all fours to splash into the quagmire smearing more mud over her arms and bust.
Sitting in the mud she has some play throwing mud into the air, but sadly little sticks, but she does a better job smearing her arm and dress.
She stands before lying full length facing the camera in the mud.
Not content in getting her front muddy, she turns then lies back in the ooze, before kneeling to slop further mud over her arms and dress – see CLIP 1

  Then another forward dive into the muddy morass.
Dee stands up with a squelch!
We see her muddied back, but she is not content and lies back again waving her legs in the air.
She kneels up and applies further mud to her arms and then flops 3 times in the mud.
She stands with her back to us, then flopping into the mud she struggles to free her legs , such is the suction effect.
Sitting, she paddles away at the mud to churn it to make movement easier.
Standing, she displays her muddied dress while still daubing mud on herself.
Kneeling, she goes full length away from the camera with her legs flailing in the mud.
Then some vigorous twists and turns as she lies on the ground.
Dee is now a very muddied woman and she struggles to escape her muddy patch.
Then she falls forward into the mud once again.
The mud is now very gooey as Dee squirms about.
She rolls in and out of the mud still trying to churn it up!

Stream 2 runs 11 mins 51 secs
This shoot demands good fitness and strength.
Now Dee tells us “I really enjoy this because I like to get really messy” (and she always did!)
“I want to go and get my hair and face messy now!”
So she plunges forward face down into the mud!
Not content, she takes a further head dunking rubbing the mud into her face!
Then she goes back for yet more muddy play.
Kneeling, she tosses more mud in the air, but once again very little falls on her!
A very muddied Dee struggles to her feet declaring “Look at this – everywhere!”
Dee kneels down for further mud play.
We have some fantastic muddied pics and action.
Not many models address the camera this well and obviously enjoy (yes enjoy) their work!
You probably cannot believe such a muddied woman (and Dee never complains).
“Look at me all muddy” she says.
And still she wants more muddy play!
She now removes her dress (at 3 mins 45 secs).
Wow! A totally white back!
Dee expresses her surprise “Look how white I am!”
Then she is lying full length in the mud sloshing it over herself.
“Not any more”, she says going back down in the mud for another rollabout.
There is no stopping her now as she seems obsessed with her mud play!
Just see how muddy she has become – see CLIP 2

  “A mud bath” she exclaims at 6 mins 20 secs.
Dee then asks us if she still has her stockings and shoes on?
The answer is yes and Dee duly shows us her mud covered legs and shoes.
We have some further fantastic full figure shots of the mud coated Dee.
She continues to cavort in the mud.
At 8 mins 25 secs she removes her knickers for ultimate freedom!
Dee squirms about in the mud and shows her charms.
Finally, sitting on the clean grass she rolls about providing final enjoyment.
She gyrates away before kissing us all goodbye!
Wow! A gem of a movie showing what can be achieved with a willing model who enjoys her WSM.

IMAGE SET M234 has 140 shots
We show you 6 sample images from this set.
This set only contains 35mm shots.
Some great pics here with full detail.
And every shot is examined not by AI but by my lower intelligence!
Some images which will live in the mind here!

MOVIE WSM246 has 2 HD Streams running 23 mins 34 secs and is only available as a Download.

IMAGE SET M234 has 140 shots

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Image Set M234

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