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Dee work-out in the rain in maroon dress

Run-time 15 mins 09 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips in MP4 format

Stream 1runs 8 mins 07 secs
How do you get a Wetlook movie to run at least 15 minutes in a studio shoot?
You dress the model in appropriate clothes then she expresses herself accordingly.
As you may gather with only one further normal brand new Dee movie to be seen, Dee is a fitness fanatic…… we get her to perform a work-out, even if she is quite inappropriately dressed in her keynote maroon dress plus black knickers and heels!
Mature brunette Dee introduces herself and shows off her dress, which she tells us she wore in the river a few months ago (see image shot W400 above).
She anticipates rain……..and so we oblige!
Dee walks in and out of the rainbar getting gradually drenched.
The sound of her heels prompts her to perform a very brief “singing in the rain”, when in reality she is dancing in the rain!
The dress shows its marvelous Wetlook qualities as Dee says “it is pouring down now!”
She tells us “I like this dress because as you can see, it goes all glossy, my favourite!
See, everything is shining, boobs, everything”. – see CLIP 1

  Dee continues “And the sheen!”
She marches about getting soaked (but looking fantastic).
At 3 mins 50 secs she gets on the floor (this is a work-out).
The shower whistles its praise!
Dee is never still, being very energetic.
She shows off her high heels and stockings.
A very high energy performance from a 46 year old woman!
She finishes with some great twirly shots.

Stream 2runs 7 mins 02 secs
Dee removes her dress under the persistent rain.
She continues her exercise routine descending to the floor – see CLIP 2.

Some nice glossy leg shots follow.
But Dee is using the floor for her strenuous if very wet work-out.
At 3 mins 11 secs she stands to vary her exercise routine.
But not for long!
After 4 mins she removes her knickers (with 3 mins remaining).
And Dee is not shy.
I am sure we will all enjoy the remainder of her routine.
But all too soon, Dee clad only in her stockings and heels, is telling us:
“I hope you enjoyed my work-out in the rain”.

MOVIE WSM248 has 2 HD Streams running 15 mins 09 secs.

IMAGE SET W404 has 103 shots.

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Image Set W404

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