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Birthday Treat

Run-time 20 mins 36 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

Shot in May 1997 this was the first attempt to capture a Fun XXX scene.
Katrina, who had long wondered about messy sex, decides to give Professor Treacle an unexpected treat.
Scene opens with Katrina interviewed by cameraman and expressing her interest.
Katrina is joined by the Prof and she unveils a delivered birthday present from a friend.
She expected cake and salad but the present contained custard, rice pudding, squeezy chocolate sauce and cherry pie filling.
So the Prof sets about sploshing Katrina as his birthday treat.
But Katrina is no mug and realizing the Prof’s weakness, sets about slopping him up too.
The 2nd stream is all XXX as Katrina coats his cock with custard, rice pudding and chocolate sauce and gives him a sucking he will not forget!
When she is on her knees licking and sucking his cock, the Prof takes advantage and pours custard over her head and rubs the custard into her hair and face.
Katrina kneels on all fours invitingly!
The Prof coats her bum in custard before entering her.
All too soon he has climaxed! (yes- you will know when!)
Katrina then sets about him with custard over his head and into his mouth.
Then she puts cherry pie filling over the Prof’s face and hair.
The Prof retaliates, pulling her down and pouring cherry pie filling between her legs.
He then sets about licking it from her.
Finishing with some raunchy shots of Katrina, this is a great snapshot on early WSM history and it is difficult to say who enjoyed it more….The Prof or Katrina!
Definitely good messy XXX fun!

MOVIE XXX002 has 2 Streams running 20 mins 36 secs.
IMAGE SET S070XXX has 41 video grabs taken over the course of the shoot.

Image Set XXX002_set

No of Images 41  

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