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Custard Couple - Cross Dress 1

Run-time 40 mins 23 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips in HD
4 Streams in HD

We commence with a brief write-up from Mrs. Custard Couple about CC’s 1st Cross Dress movie: “Hi everyone, here is a little prelude into a new venture between WSM and CC introducing you into our world of Cross Dress Mess…..Did you know that cross dressing is within the top ten of couple fun as introduced on Channels 4`s Great British Sex Survey ?
So let me take you on our first step into this world, with further movies that take it further and further to include Wet, Messy, Muddy, Outdoors, Watersports; with more accessories including wigs, make-up, shoes and underwear.
So join me, Mrs CC and exclusive to WSM, as each following movie pushes you further and further into the cross dress messy couple fun we share…… and you dare to dream of!!”

Here is an introduction into the different world of couple cross dress WAM fun written by me Mrs CC.
“Ever found yourself looking through your wives or girlfriend’s underwear drawer? The feel of the silk and satin the touch of her silk stockings and delight of her semi sheer Blouses-Yes I know! It begs you to try it on and I should know I`m a woman!! Well this series takes things further and further as I encourage Mr CC to try different outfits and situations in the pursuit of pleasure and my eventual fantasy to turn my partner into the messy women of my dreams!
So we start with Mr CC dressed up in a white dress, white panties and stockings and me in a red dress black panties, stockings, and to further encourage Mr CC a black Basque….I start our fun by putting the finishing touches to his makeup and although very reluctant at first I purposely brush his hard cock as I do this. I can tell Mr CC is a little shy, but he can tell that I`m very excited by his exploring my fantasy with me, so he soon becomes a very willing partner!
We move quickly on to me sitting on a stool in the dining room and let my new girl apply custard to my dress, into my panties and over my stockings. I see that he is also rubbing his cock through his white dress, just as I imagined. I then lean over the dining room table and let him enjoy the sight before him. “Fuck me I whisper” and with that Mr CC plunges his member inside of me! It only takes a few strokes to know that he is ready to cum, so with that I get him to lie on the table so I can really give him a messy treat.
I soak his white dress in custard and then his panties and stockings. I go down to give him a BJ and a messy wank and I can feel he is now lost in the moment as he covers my hair in thick custard. I climb on top of my messy girl, as he continues to daub and pour the custard over my clothes and undergarments. He then swiftly gets me on all fours doggy style and I feel his cock is ready to explode and although I`m not yet ready I let him cum over my arse and thigh. It trickles down my leg……. but I now need to cum!!
I then decide to give my messy girl a close up peep show of me enjoying myself on my own. I start by covering my underwear further with custard whilst I finger my pussy through the flimsy nylon panties I`m wearing…I continue to look at Mr CC covered in mess and dressed up just for me as I gush and cum on the table in front of him!
We both kiss and know that this is the start of some very different messy fun for Custard Couple…and you can be sure we will push the boundaries even further!”

Written by Mrs

MOVIE XXX006 has 4 HD Streams running 40 mins 23 secs.
Stream 1 12-32 Mrs. CC puts make-up on Mr. CC. He then sploshes her up with Angel Delight.
Stream 2 07-50 Mr. CC’s turn to be messed up as when fully messy he has to fuck her in his dress.
Stream 3 10-45 Couple sex fun with fucking and sucking.
Stream 4 09-16 More vigorous sexy couple fun.
Total 40-23

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