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The Hairdresser

Run-time 25 mins 34 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

WMV2 Sample Clips – not explicit

Shot in July 2004 this is a great attempt to fuse together messy fun with XXX.
This movie has 3 parts:
1. Stream 1 is the normal WSM movie available to all members WSM111 – run-time 8 mins 54 secs.
2. Stream 2 is crammed with XXX messy play – run-time 16 mins 40 secs
3. The final minute of Stream 2 is a spoofy advert – quite hilarious!

The ‘normal’ movie ends with Tiffany asking Professor Treacle ‘Does this firming lotion work on guys as well?’
With such a good looker as Tiffany, in no time the Prof’s cock is hard.
There is a prolonged 3 minute cock sucking scene which started with the Prof pouring custard over his cock and Tiffany’s sweet face.
Tiffany complains her knickers are damp and wet and invites the Prof to investigate.
Fingering her up, the Prof confirms her wetness, then he demonstrates how they would feel filled with:
Red tint
He proceeds to check the effects of the firming lotion on Tiffany’s bum.
Then he does her legs with his ‘treatments’ as she ends up with very glossy stockings.
Tiffany tries out a new treatment of eggs – which ends with a funny joke!
Then another cock sucking session as Tiffany decides his cock could use more firming lotion.
As it is so effective the Prof invites Tiffany to settle her bill a different way!
Soon she is taking the cock doggie style as the Prof gives this very messy woman a good seeing to, as Tiffany is the type of submissive woman you all dream about!
The Prof then enjoys tit play and massages her.
Tiffany asks how she gets her hair back to the normal brunette colour?
The Prof tips chocolate milkshake over her head!
He asks when she would like to come again.
Raunchy Tiffany misunderstands the question and invites the Prof to ravage her again!

The final minute is a WSM spoofy advert.
It is very amusing!

MOVIE XXX008 has 2 Streams running 25 mins 34 secs.

IMAGE SET S097XXX has 58 enhanced images of which 6 may be considered XXX
Plus we show 4 sample shots.(But do not be misled.Of the 58 images only 2 are video grabs while the remainder are 35 mm.)


Image Set S097XXX

No of Images 58  

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