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Custard Couple in ‘The Piss Slut’

Run-time 19 mins 07 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 WMV Sample Clips – raunchy but not explicit

This must be one of the strongest movies yet from Custard Couple (CC)!
Mrs. Custard Couple is the Piss Slut!
So we see action with 5 pissing scenes:
Stream 1 – 5 mins 10 secs Phantom Pisser 1
Stream 1 – 6 mins 26 secs Phantom Pisser 2
Stream 2 – 2 mins 00 secs Mrs. CC pisses into her own mouth Stream 2 – 5 mins 21 secs Mr. CC pisses on his wife
Stream 2 – 6 mins 51 secs Phantom Pisser 1 returns with plentiful seconds!
What makes this movie so different from others is the constant piss chat from Mrs. CC!
There is no penetrative sex but the things Mrs. CC says are quite outrageous!
She also uses a vibrator (‘my little friend’).
Mr. CC joins the action in Stream 2.

Clip 1 commences after 49 seconds …..we see Mrs. CC’s outfit, as sitting in a chair she chats about her outfit:
‘This negligee is so light it would become see thru if I happened to get it wet!
Do you think it would go really, really sheer?
Do you think my nipples would come through……..I think they would, don’t you?’

Clip 2 at 7 mins 59 secs (in Stream 2) as we see Mrs. CC with a wet body and hair and a very saturated nightie and stockings! Her chat continues:
‘I think I’m now one very wet, wet lady!
Totally, utterly pissed on….yeah…..ah yeah!’

If you like a woman in piss action then this is an unmissable movie!
With plenty of piss shot fun plus full of chat…..this is the one! Mrs. CC is a genuine piss enthusiast, so she does it for the pleasure, not for the money!

MOVIE XXX010 has two streams:
Stream 1 runs 10 mins 02 secs
Stream 2 runs 09 mins 05 secs

IMAGE SET W319XXX now has 125 shots (which has been reworked and enhanced) so providing a full pic record of this shoot
We show you 5 sample shots (not explicit)
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Image Set W319XXX

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