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Custard Couple in Triple TripleX Movies and Images sets

XXX011A + XXX011B + XXX011C
Run-time 26 mins 53 secs




WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

Movie offered in HD 1060Mb or SD (Standard definition) 250Mb

Ice Cream Shag
This is the 1st XXX set Custard Couple (CC) filmed.
Mrs. CC chats to you all the while.
Mrs. CC kneels on a table and has ice cream rubbed over her bum.
Mr. CC puts cum over his horny wife’s knickered bum.
Then, Mr. CC rubs his cock over Mrs. CC’s boobs, before frigging her to an orgasm, which is rewarded as she sucks his cock.
Next Mrs. CC kneels on the floor as Mr. CC pours raspberry syrup over her bum.
Then he shags her saying he will ‘put some spunk up her’……much to Mrs. CC’s delight!
Ice Cream Shag movie Stream runs 07 mins 59 secs
Image set S321XXX has 33 shots

Messed with Spunk
Mrs. CC is lying on a red satin bed.
There are two scenes:
Firstly, dressed in black negligee, black stockings and suspenders, a black bra and arm length black gloves, Mrs CC says she ‘could do with some nice hot spunk all over her black and gold knickers!’
She wants spunk so she can rub it all in!
Mr. CC spunks all over the front of her knickers.
Mrs. CC relishes rubbing it all in to her knickers and licking her gloved fingers!
Secondly, Mrs. CC changes to pink knickers with a bra, stockings and suspender belt.
Once again, she only has one aim ‘to get my arse covered in lovely spunk!’
Mr. CC duly obliges his randy wife by cumming 3 times as she spreads the spunk into her knicker clad arse!
Messed with Spunk movie Stream runs 11 mins 09 secs
Image set S511XXX has 20 shots

Choco Mess
We commence with Mrs. CC covered in chocolate clad in her undies.
Mrs. CC needs a man to put some ‘cream’ on her banana.
Mr. CC duly obliges as he cums over the banana and her mouth.
Mr. CC puts chocolate custard over his wife’s forehead.
She rubs the chocolaty mess into her face and hair.
Mrs. CC sucks his cock, then her boobs are out of her bra, as Mr. CC rubs his cock on her inviting tits.
Mrs. CC goes on all fours, then Mr. CC frotts her knickered bum before pulling her knickers down to pour chocolate custard over her bum and then slide his cock up and down her chocolaty bum crack!
Choco Mess movie Stream runs 07 mins 45 secs
Image set S322XXX has 35 shots

Image Set

No of Images 88  

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