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Sue’s first messy Sex

Run-time 43 mins 17 secs

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This is what WSM is all about!
We have a very desirable MILF Sue.
We have a story to tell.
This is the first of a two part series and is followed by Sandie’s tale movie XXX016.
In movie XXX014 there are two scenes.
Mature Sue acts the part brilliantly and you will all be impressed with her fantastic looks.
Add to this a very welcoming personality, a captivating laugh and voice….. and you will be quite bewitched!

So the action commences as Sue is determined to give her boyfriend (Professor Treacle) the type of birthday he will not easily forget!
Assisted by her friend Sandie acting as waitress, the food soon starts to be sloshed about!
Firstly, we have mushroom soup.
This is followed by spaghetti Bolognese.
Next are some beans and a tray of eggs.
The unscripted repartee flows between the Prof and Sue.
But the fantastic welcoming character of Sue shines through!
What a wonderful sexy MILF!
Watching this will just make you feel happy… it is so much FUN.
Our waitress Sandie looks on totally bemused by the sexy sploshings.

Then we move to the desserts!
First up is rice pudding and sticky jam.
If you sense Sue admiring herself, then this is true, as there was a long mirror ahead to her left.
Just over half way through the movie, the Prof’s cock is released.

This is a sketch that comes together perfectly!
Mature lady Sue stuns with her performance and infectious chat!
The Prof is just the Prof, ever looking for a messy opportunity!

Next two flans arrive plus lashings of custard.
We have a special chocolate birthday cake.
As it is too dry, both Sue and the Prof receive chocolate sauce.
This is terrific messy sex fun as Sue starts to pay special attention to the Prof’s chocolaty cock.
Then the Prof collects all the slops from the floor, puts them on a chair plus what’s left of the chocolate birthday cake.
Then of course Sue has to sit on that chair!

The Prof then declares that his favourite is golden syrup.
Would you believe that Sue has some!
There is plenty of groping as the messiness continues.
Eventually Sue is stripped down to her undies (with no knickers).
Waitress Sandie fills up the two big flans with custard.
Finally, we have ice cream to add to the mix!
Then it is down to the serious business as Sue receives a good shagging.
Both Sue and the Prof cum.
Then they are off for a shower.

Sandie remains.
She dips her hand into her knickers to give herself a sensual frigging.
She has a satisfying orgasm.
Her turn next with the Prof?
And so it will be in the follow-on unmissable movie XXX016 as the Prof gets to grips with Sandie!

MOVIE XXX014 has 4 Streams running 43 mins 17 secs.
My notes tell me that no images were shot!
Sadly we forgot the sync lead for the 35mm camera……..but thank goodness we shot the movie.
The video grabs are now re-presented.
There are 6 sample shots from image set S086XXX.
Image set S086XXX now has 154 shots.

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Image Set S086XXX

No of Images 154  

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