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Custard Couple in Messiest Couple Chocolate Sex Play Movie

Run-time 21 mins 27 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 WMV Sample Clips – raunchy but not explicit

If you want really messy, sloshy sex fun with an unhibited couple…..well here it is!
This is the continuation of the normal movies:
Part 1 WSM137 (WSM number) CC29 (CC number) – available on Subscription site
Part 2 WSM178 (WSM number) CC56 (CC number) – available on Subscription site

Stream 1
Commences with Custard Couple (CC) in a clinch.
Mrs.CC plays with Mr. CC’s cock before sucking it.
She goes on all fours as Mr. CC rubs more chocolate on her bum.
He rubs his cock over her bum smearing more choc on his kneeling wife.
Then he penetrates her to pump her hard.
Mrs.CC lies back against the wall as Mr. CC licks her chocolaty pussy (see Clip 1).

He opens her legs to give us a full view as he enthusiastically tongues her chocolate covered pussy. Then he fingers her before spreading more choc over her body.
He finger frigs her choccy pussy before giving her a further vigorous tonguing.
Next, he finger probes his horny wife’s chocolate covered arse and one finger goes up her bum.
Then Mr. CC plays with his cock while Mrs. CC finger frigs her clit.
Pulling Mrs. CC onto the mattress Mr. CC straddles her tits for some tit/cock play.
He rips away her chocolate coated camisole before more hand cock play as Mrs. CC offers her mouth!

Stream 2
Mr. CC slowly gets off Mrs. CC and urges her legs apart for some more chocolate pussy licking, finger frigging and cock teasing.
Next, he enjoys nuzzling her choc boobs before passion overcomes him and he vigorously fucks his very willing chocolate covered wife.
Mrs. CC rides on Mr. CC’s arse cowgirl style, slicking him with chocolate before she pours a bowl of choc over herself, then a 2nd bowl over herself and Mr. CC.
Mr. CC tells her to ride his arse reverse cowgirl as she pours a further bowl of chocolate over her head and body, slopping plenty into her well coated choc pussy.
We have some choc sliding games as Mrs. CC slides up and down his arse (see Clip 2) as she attempts to bring herself off, pouring yet further choc on herself to lie back and frig her clit!
Mrs. CC then lies down facing the camera as they indulge in choc cock and pussy play.
Mr. CC penetrates her again for another short but vigorous fucking before collapsing spent.
Finally, he asks Mrs. CC to lick his cock.
When in position Mr. CC adds another bowl of chocolate over her back, head and arse.
They end in a complete chocolate mess!
With the action flowing for 72 minutes of edited filming over 3 movies, the wonder is that CC continued to be so energetic in what was a 150 minute continuous shoot!

MOVIE XXX015 has two streams:
Stream 1 runs 10 mins 12 sec
Stream 2 runs 11 mins 15 secs

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