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Custard Couple in ‘Too horny after all those Cream Pies’ Movie

Run-time 12 min 48sec

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

Movie offered in HD 450 Mb or SD (Standard definition) 180 Mb

2 WMV Sample Clips – raunchy but not explicit

Spurred on by the Cream Pies set-to in normal movie WSM171/CC39, Custard Couple unleash their lusts with mutual messy sex play.

Stream 1
Mr. Custard Couple (CC) asks his wife to put some of the cream pie mess down his trousers. She replies: ‘Your wish is my command.’
Mrs. CC fondles his cock through his underpants with the messy cream pie mixture.
She continues to put the mess over his cock before kissing it through his underpants.
Mr. CC asks : ‘Miss, may I have some more?’
Mrs. CC continues to fondle and mess-up his rampant cock.
She sucks his cock to stimulate him further.
Mr. CC removes his trousers and shoes while Mrs. CC removes her knickers.
Mr. CC lies down to tongue his wife’s bare clit.
Then he licks her tits while finger frigging her clit.
He rolls her over, kneels up and opens his shirt.
Getting Mrs. CC to kneel on all fours, Mr. CC enters her to give her a sustained vigorous shagging. Then he invites Mrs. CC to: ‘Come and lick my cream’.
She replies: ‘That’s an offer I could not refuse!’

Stream 2
So Mrs. CC sucks and licks his cock.
She fondles him while he fingers frigs her while spreading more cream mess on her boobs.
He continues to frig her and spreads cream over her mouth and pussy.
More cream from the wall is applied to her tits as Mr. CC’s finger frigging continues.
Mr. CC re-enters his wife briefly before he goes between her legs for a quick tonguing.
Then he spreads more cream over her boobs plus rubs her discarded knickers over her. More finger frigging and finger entry follows with Mrs. CC’s leg held high.
Mrs. CC gets aroused and enjoys an orgasm while Mr. CC spreads cream pie mess on her.
Mrs. CC sucks Mr. CC’s penetrative finger caressing his back with her messy pied stockinged leg.

MOVIE XXX019 has two streams:
Stream 1 runs 6 mins 25 sec
Stream 2 runs 6 mins 23 secs

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