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CC sequel to the Dressing Game!

Run-time 28 mins 43 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

3 HD Streams plus 1 HD Sample Clip – choose WMV or MP4 formats

Stream 1 runs 8 mins 15 secs
After being left alone on the set, CC are up for a really good messy, sexy time!
Mr. CC loves her dress and forces his pretty wife to sit on a large gateau.
Mr. CC pours Frijj drinks over his willing partner – see CLIP 1 – then he splatters her!
He has to take his messy turn!
Mrs. CC goes for it with a bowl of chocolate milkshake splashed down his back, before opening his shirt while caressing his balls!
Mr. CC pours a bowl of banana milkshake over Mrs. CC’s head!
Then he massages her before nuzzling her boobs.
He sploshes chocolate Angel Delight over her boobs then her arse, before pouring a further bowlful over here back and arse!
Taking a large cake, Mr. CC sploshes it lustily over her bum!
Mr. CC frigs his horny wife who urges him to spank her!
Another liquidy bowl of raspberry milkshake is deposited over Mrs. CC’s head as they kiss…and she fondles him!
Then Mr. CC is showered in the milkshake.
This very messy stream ends with Mrs. CC pouring Frijj drink over Mr. CC, then down his trousers….and her hands follow it!

>>>>> SEE CLIP

Stream 2 runs 8 mins 36 secs
Opens with Mr. CC sitting and pouring milkshake over Mrs. CC’s head as she sucks his cock.
Mrs. CC varies between hand and mouth work on his cock.
Her PVC gloves stand-out as she plays with his cock.
She produces a gateau that Mrs. CC rubs into her boobs.
Mr. CC stands to rub his cock over her as Mrs. CC is on her knees sucking.
After Mr. CC re-sits, his undies are removed. Mrs. CC follows suit removing her knickers.
Next, she is sat on the floor surrounded to the front by cream flans.
Mr. CC’s cock gets the cream flan treatment before he returns the favour with a cream flan slapped between her legs!
He then daubs her with a bowl of raspberry Angel Delight before finger frigging her.
Next, we have a 69 session with Mrs. CC’s pussy on display as Mr. CC sucks and frigs her.
Mrs. CC reciprocates by sucking his cock and balls.
Mrs. CC kneels up with her bum to the camera as Mr. CC splats her arse with a large custard/cream flan, before he finger frigs her again!
Next, he pours chocolate Angel Delight over her back and arse as she nuzzles his cock further.
The Stream ends as a very messy Mrs. CC removes her dress.

Stream 3 runs 11 mins 52 secs
Mr. CC splats his wife on her back with a further cream flan.
He finger frigs the kneeling Mrs. CC to arouse her.
More custard/cream flans are rubbed over the ever willing Mrs. CC.
She then frigs herself as Mr. CC wanks his cock.
She reaches her first climax with Mr. CC sploshing her!
Placing Mr. CC’s head in a custard/cream flan, Mrs CC mounts him so he can lick her pussy and juices.
Mrs. CC urges him on to jack himself off, as he slaps her arse!
They lie opposite each other on the very messy floor.
His cock and her pussy co-mingle as Mr. CC rubs his cock around her pussy without any penetrative play.
Mrs. CC rolls on her stomach so Mr. CC splats her arse and back with flans.
Then he straddles her arse as she lies on her stomach to rub his cock between her arse cheeks and over her clitty.
A somewhat unusual position for a somewhat unusual couple!
Mr. CC kneels to pour a bowl of cream over her arse, then as she kneels up, over her back.
This sets Mrs. CC off again with frantic pussy rubbing.
Mr. CC finger frigs her further before finally entering her for some frantic fucking!
So we are finished?
Oh no! As next we have Mrs. CC on her back with Mr. CC between her legs for a final brief entry!
Suddenly, they realize the unbelievable mess they have made.
They have had lots of fun……ultimate messy fun!
They bask in the afterglow of fulfilled sex.
As they have no clothes to get home… will be the Dressing Game all over again!

There are 146 images of this shoot ref S313XXX.
Sadly, these are not 35mm shots, but these video grabs look good.
All images have been enhanced (to full screen).
Some fantastic sploshy and sexy action!
What a horny pair CC are!
And their huge desire for mess and sex play shine out from these image shots.
See what you think as we show 5 sample shots from image set S313XXX.

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Image Set S313XXX

No of Images 146  

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