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Vintage Film 9 - Stream1

Run-time 16 mins 30 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

VINTAGE FILM 9 ‘SEX WSM’ – Alternate XXX version

STREAM 1 16 mins 30 secs

This is a movie that flits between dreams and reality.
It was compiled by David Wilkey and Mike Ellison but with great assistance from our sadly missed Bill Shipton of Splosh fame.

So what does David Wilkey add to the WSM Vintage range of movies?
Vividly illustrated in this 1st Stream are Special Effects and Music.

We commence with the theme song ‘Dream! Dream!
We see our lovers Bob and Shakina with surreal images of clouds and waves crashing.
But before the alarm goes off, we have over 2 minutes of sex play with cock sucking and penetration.
Then the alarm goes off and reality takes over.
Bob is rushing off to work leaving Shakina frustrated……’Left horny and alone again!’
Shakina goes to the kitchen. We have brief flashbacks to two sex scenes.
She puts cereal in a bowl asking ‘Why do I have these continual dreams?’
Then she pours bottled water into a cup.

Suddenly Shakina is standing in the cup with magnificent special effects.
This is a real David Wilkey artistic gem plus exotic dreamy music.
Shakina is sitting not in water but clear massage oil.
Her white pyjamas get saturated and go see through.
There are fabulous special effects of Shakina in the cup.
She enjoys fondling herself as we embark on a dreamlike sequence.
Then we are in a tropical jungle as Shakina writhes in pleasure (still in the cup).
The music mood changes to become calm and soothing.
Shakina gets her hair, then her face oily.
Then she is on the bed with Bob.
Bob strips her – see CLIP.
Shakina sucks him while he fingers her pussy.
We go to a 5 minute sex scene as an oily Shakina is well pounded.
The sex scene increases in intensity as Bob ravages the oil slicked Shakina.
The sex scene concludes with some rampant anal sex.

Suddenly it all ends and Shakina explains ‘Another one of my dreams!’

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