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Run-time 22 mins 03 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

STREAM 2 22 mins 03 secs

This Wetlook scene was shot near Bath on 31st July 1999.

After the oil scene in Stream 1, Shakina needs her dreams explaining.
Now she visits Dr. Smallcock, a sex therapist, as matters have worsened.
Shakina has had another of her dreams and she recounts the tale to the sex therapist.
She and Bob visited a small river on a bright but blustery day.
Bob went on about cars much to Shakina’s disgust.
Eventually she got his attention.
They kissed and romantic dreamy music starts.
They both rolled into the river then played like lovers in the shallows.
Bob had his shirt taken off then he removed Shakina’s bra – see our free Clip to view our lovers, their remaining outfits and the location).
At 5 mins 28 secs Bob’s big cock was released.
We have a continuous sex scene running almost 15 minutes and ending at 20 mins 14 secs.
This is a fabulous sex scene for wet play, with much of the action in the small river.
Have you ever seen such athletic and acrobatic sex?
Plenty of sucking and fucking and above all, wet sex!
Most things you have dreamt about for wet outdoor sex!
Well here it is and we have one of the best XXX couples in the UK showing us how it should be done!
Suddenly, Shakina’s dream ended……and Bob was still there nattering on about cars!
Shakina came to reluctantly……and they left.

We return to the doctor’s surgery scene as Shakina expresses her chagrin that in her dream they ended up making love in the cool, sparkling water…….but it was just a DREAM!
(But we know different…….as we live the dream with Shakina! Long may these dreams continue!)
Shakina is immensely frustrated and rubs her knickered crotch with the delightful memories of her dream still pleasuring her!
The very flustered doctor puts it down to a water fetish and assures her that her dreams will clear up in time.
But was this shrink correct?
Did Shakina just have a water fetish?
Find out in Stream 3 if the doc is correct or Shakina’s dream problem becomes worse!

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