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Run-time 14 mins 13 sec

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

STREAM 7 14 mins 13 secs

The action commences as Professor Treacle pours custard down the back of MILF Sue’s knickers.
We switch to Shakina. Her boobs are now free from her bra and Bob pours rice pudding down her panties.
Most of the action in this Stream concentrates on Bob and Shakina, but we can hear the Prof and Sue enjoying themselves.
We see the virulent Prof tear Sue’s jacket off her back as she leans over the table.
Bob removes Shakina’s jacket more sedately.
The action hots up as first the Prof lifts an unbelievably messy Sue to sit on a large chocolate gateau.
Bob treats Shakina likewise, then as she lies back on the table, he unleashes a tub of mayonnaise over her, covering her from neck to pussy. Bob then massages the mayonnaise into Shakina – see CLIP.
Briefly, we see the Prof empty a pail of mayo over Sue, including her head!
Bob now removes his shirt as Shakina caresses his chest. Shakins pours treacle over his head and chest.
Meanwhile, the Prof is avidly nuzzling the messy Sue.
After 1 min 25 secs, Bob’s cock is released by Shakina.
We then have almost 9 minutes of continuous sex action until Bob cums.
We see Shakina pouring treacle over Bob’s cock, then she fondles and tongues him.
We switch to Sue massaging the Prof’s cock before going down on him.
Shakina puts chocolate sauce on Bob’s cock and her pussy before a messy Bob enters her for a prolonged 2 minute shagging to the accompaniment of moans and sighs from the Prof and Sue.
Next, Shakina sucks Bob’s chocolate dick.
This arouses Bob further and he bends her over the table to shag her from behind.
Bob hammers away lustily as their food covered bodies are consumed by passion.
A messy Prof is giving an equally messy Sue a good pussy tonguing.
Shakina lies back on the table in all the mess while Bob continues to pound away watched by a very admiring Prof, who is now fully spent!
Bob is insatiable and Shakina (still with her shoes on), continues to be ravaged by horny Bob.
Finally, she asks Bob to cum all over her messy body and big Bob obliges!
Shakina is very impressed and exclaims ‘Very good! I’m so impressed with you!’

Shakina tells Professor Treacle ‘It was brilliant! It was the most satisfying orgasm of her life! Wow! What an eye opener!’
Shakina says she knows exactly what she wants in the future!
And so we find out the answers!
We end with the movie song plus brief extracts (but not XXX) from all 6 scenes as the titles roll for movie WSM9 ‘Sex WSM’.

David Wilkey websites:

If you like the look of the Prof’s MILF secretary SUE, then see her in full XXX action with the Prof in 43 MINUTE movie ‘WSMXXX014 Sue’s first messy Sex’ in the XXX downloads section.
Some of the best Slapstick sex with a MILF you will ever see!

Image Set S077

We continue with our two couples at slapstick play and the two girls being sploshed by Professor Treacle and Bob.
No of Images 28  

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