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Kimyl and Gary Gunge in "Blow and Wash" Movie

Run-time 24 mins 44 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

Movie offered in HD 577 Mb and SD (Standard definition) 226 Mb

1 WMV Sample Clip – this is taken from movie WSMS002/WSM199

This is a continuation from the normal 40 minute movie WSMS002/WSM199 as Kimyl was messed by Gary.

If you like thin, lithe girls with small boobs, very trim bums and long legs, then this is for you.
Plentiful cock sucking in all Streams and some good shagging in the final 3rd Stream.

Stream 1
Messy Kimyl undresses messy Gary (remember this is a continuation movie).
‘He’s massive’ she exclaims.
She gets down to some serious cock-sucking.
There are good close-up cock sucking shots as Kimyl uses her hand, mouth and tongue to stimulate Gary.
Gary introduces Marshmallow Fluff.
Messy Kimyl does her best with prolonged sucking.
‘Is he ready for marshmallow fluff yet?’ she asks.
Being a man, Gary says ‘No’.
She continues to suck away!
Gary puts his cock twice into the marshmallow pot before Kimyl sucks it.
Next, two tubs of fruits of the forest yogurt are added to his cock.
About 80% of the content of this Stream is cock sucking.
Stream 2
Kimyl continues to suck away at his cock while Gary pours banana milkshake over it.
Gary sits down while Kimyl continues her cock sucking.
He pours strawberry then chocolate milkshake over his cock.
Then Kimyl is stripped by Gary.
He slops a bowl of custard over her pussy. This excites Kimyl who retaliates by throwing custard at Gary.
A bowl of rice pudding goes over her head.
Gary similarly gets a bowl of rice pudding on his head.
More custard goes over her head, so she does the same to Gary.
Finally, she pours chocolate sauce over his head and chest.
Kimyl goes under the shower to get the foodstuffs cleaned off.
Stream 3
Gary has been cleaned off.
Kimyl goes down on him under the shower.
Some close-up cock sucking shots here.
Kimyl is a very willing young lady only too happy to give head while being drenched.
Gary gets on the floor and lies down.
Then Kimyl is riding him.
Next, she lies back and Gary gives her a pussy licking.
Then his cock is in her while the shower rains down!
She re-sits on him again taking a full length of cock.
We have a good close-up shot as she rides Gary.
Her sighs increase as Gary cums.
A final wave from a very happy Kimyl, then she is gone.

MOVIE XXX035 has three streams:
Stream 1 runs 9 mins 28 sec
Stream 2 runs 7 mins 38 secs
Stream 3 runs 7 mins 38 secs

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