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Custard Couple – Behind with the Rent

Run-time 19 mins 20 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

WMV 2 Sample Clips – not explicit
WMV 2 Streams – note only SD quality offered

Role Play
Ripped Clothes
Wetlook only
XXX in both Streams
Only in SD (standard definition) quality
Includes 92 images

Stream 1

We commence with Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) running her bath.
A knock on the door disturbs her.
It is the Rent Collector calling for his money – see CLIP 1.
She goes to check if she has left the bath running.
He has followed her into the bathroom.
‘There is one way you can cover the rent! Get in the bath with your clothes on!’ he says.
Mrs. C suspects that paying the rent will not be that easy!
True enough he says ‘And then, when you are lovely and wet, you can give me a lovely blow job!’
‘And is that going to cover the rent?’ Mrs. C asks.
‘Well, we will have to see, won’t we’, says our wily Rent Collector!
He tells her to get in the bath and soak all her outfit (see sample images of her outfit).
She does this by using a plastic beaker.
He tells her to sit in the bath, then she lies back to get well wetted.
Mrs. C teases and provokes him.
‘It is time to give me a blow job’ he says.
‘Just point it in my direction!’ says Mrs. C.
Crouched in the bath, Mrs. C duly performs her cock sucking and she licks, nuzzles and hand caresses his cock until he is spent!
Mrs. C spits out the jizz!
‘That has paid for half the rent!’ the randy Rent Collector says.
He gets her to lie back in the bath to re-soak herself, so that all her clothes are wet.
‘Get out of that bath’ he says. ‘I’m going to fuck you now!’
He caresses her through the wet clothes.
Then, to Mrs. C’s great surprise, he starts to rip away her clothes, starting with her t-shirt.
‘I’m going to rip all your clothes’ says our demanding Rent Collector.
He tells her to ‘Bend over that bath!’
Our dastardly Rent Collector is not going to rip her clothes off Mrs. C, but just reduce her clothes to shredded rags!
The first Stream ends after 9 mins 33 secs.

Stream 2
Commences as the lusty Rent Collector rips open her leggings at her bum – see CLIP 2
This excites him so he unfurls his cock again, fingers and frigs Mrs. C, then enters her as she is bent over the bath.
He screws away taking his opportunity to rip her clothes including her knickers.
Then he has Mrs. C sit on his cock while he services her further!
Again, he rips her clothes eventually ripping her bra off, as he continues to pound away.
With Mrs. C kneeling in the bath, he splashes and wets her clothes again, before sliding in to fuck her doggie style!
Once again he takes his chance to rip her clothes as he thrusts away to their mutual enjoyment.
He fondles her boobs with relish.
Mrs. C shows us her ripped outfit.
‘Let me see those fingers in your pussy’ he requests.
Mrs. C sits on the side of the bath and frigs her pussy.
Eventually, it is too much for him and he returns cock in hand to wank himself over her tits with a great spray of cum!
Mrs. C rubs the spunk into her boobs and licks her fingers.
Time is up for our Rent Collector as duty calls again.
Mrs. C sees him out in her very tattered state.
He warns her to make sure she has the rent money for the next time!
Stream 2 runs 9 mins 47 secs

Plenty of XXX in this movie.
Pity about the picture quality, so the price charged reflects this.
But some good role play and the direct style with clothes ripping make this movie memorable.

MOVIE XXX036 has 2 Streams running 19 mins 20 secs.
There are 92 shots of the action in IMAGE SET W350XXX
We show you 5 sample images from this set.

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Image Set W350XXX

No of Images 92  

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