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Custard Couple (CC) in ‘Sex in the Mud’ Movie

Run-time 15 mins 52 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

Movie offered in HD 368 Mb or SD (Standard definition) 144 Mb

Outdoor muddy sex with frigging, pussy licking and shagging with both Mr. & Mrs. enjoying orgasms plus cock sucking images. The messiest sex play!

The FREE CLIP shows how CC began this shoot.
We commence with CC at play in what Mrs. C calls the squidgy mud.
They are both well coated with mud.
Mrs. C has her boobs out of her bra and otherwise wears knickers, garterbelt, stockings and heels.
Mrs. C lies on Mr. C and squirms her bum on his cock.
This gives Mrs. C the opportunity to frig her muddied, knickered clit.
There are some lovely sloshy sounds as they squirm in the mud.

They head for a watery, muddy pool but not before Mr. C has muddied up further a kneeling Mrs. C, pulling her knickers down to muddy her bum!
Splashing into the pool, Mrs. C lies front down.
Mr. C rubs muddy water over her before dunking her lovely face into the muddy water.
Then they muddy water splash each other. This is visually good yet rather amusing, as Mr. C clad in his shorts and socks, comes off the worse.
Then it is off with Mrs. C’s knickers before the stimulating sight of her protruding muddied pussy lips cause Mr. C to fondle her.
She removes her garter belt, stockings and heels.
Mr. C splashes her further before getting down in the watery mud for some pussy licking – he declares it ‘tastes good!’

Mr. C says they will finish off in the thick mud.
He muds Mrs. C up again then he says he will pleasure her.
Further pussy stroking occurs while Mr. C has taken his cock in hand.
He tit fucks her before spunking into her willing mouth.
Lifting her legs high and apart, Mr. C frots her before entering her for a vigorous fucking while Mrs. C lies supine in the mud. After one minute he cums over her stomach.
Then Mrs. C frigs herself to pleasure and Mr. C obliges with a further spunking over her stomach.
A relaxed and happy Mrs. C tells us that she received her special treat which was ‘a good fuck in the mud!’
They go back to the watery pool for a quick clean up before the still muddied pair leave.

Wow! A fabulous and so unusual shoot!
We can only marvel at Mr. C’s staying powers and multiple spunks!
If you wish to see more of this shoot then do view movie WSM172/CC17 Stream 4 which runs 14 minutes.

MOVIE XXX037 has one single stream:
Running 15 mins 52 secs

Image Set M207XXX

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