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Custard Couple (CC) in Muddy Watersports

Run-time 30 mins 35 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

Movie offered in HD 714 Mb and SD (Standard definition) 279 Mb

2 WMV Sample Clips which are not explicit

The emphasis is on Pissy Fun with some mud-larking.
Very unusual but well worth a look!

Stream 1
Taking a country walk during February, Mrs. CC sets the tone saying ‘I love pissing in nice tight jeans in the countryside!’
She stands on a small bridge and undoes her jeans to show us her knickers.
She wees through her knickers, soaking her lowered jeans as well.
Mrs. CC pulls her jeans tight again and refastens them.
The back of her jeans are all wet.
Mrs. CC chats away with Pissy talk.
She squirms on the bridge rail.
She invites Mr. CC to piss all over her tight jeans and make her knickers more soggy.
She kneels on the bridge and Mr. CC duly obliges much to her pleasure.
She gets up and struts along the bridge telling us that she is ‘One Pissy Bird!’
Mrs. CC lowers her jeans so we can inspect her wet knickers. Then she refastens them.
Stream 2
Clad in her pissy jeans, Mrs. CC now decides to have some mud fun.
She enters the small stream (that the bridge ran across).
She sits on the bank and rubs some mud in her jeans covered crotch.
Next, she rubs mud over her jeans covered bum – see sample pic 2.
She continues to chat away to the camera.
Mrs. CC smears her jeans all over with the mud.
Not content, she removes her jacket so she can mud up her white sweater.
Smearing mud over the front of her sweater, she enjoys the muddy stream – see Clip 1.
Mrs. CC fondles her clit through her jeans spreading on more water and mud.
As the wind roars, she undoes her jeans to finger frig herself to an orgasm!
‘You get so horny, you just can’t help yourself’, she says.
She exits the stream, re-crosses the bridge and strolls off to her car.
Stream 3
At home in clean undies Mrs. CC informs us that she is going to re-dress in her dirty, muddy clothes – see Clip 2.
She puts the jeans back on and fastens them up.
Next, her muddy sweater is pulled back on.
There is no doubt she is feeling horny again.
She calls for Mr. CC to come and piss on her again.
Mrs. CC tells us that not only can he piss all over the muddy clothes to warm them up, but after, he can cum in her mouth!
While waiting for his arrival, the naughty Mrs. CC pisses herself so it runs down her leg into her shoe and the bath.
Mr. CC arrives and confronted by her state says ‘What a mess!’ – see sample pic 5.
She asks him to piss all over the muddy jeans, both back and front.
Mr. CC piss sprays her bum, turns her round and unfastens her jeans.
But Mr. CC has got himself over-excited and now wants to spunk in her face.
He is encouraged by Mrs. CC and he cums in her mouth.
‘That spunk tasted good’ she says.
Her top is now covered in spunk.
She turns the shower on, but directs the spray onto her clit, before she washes off the jeans and knickers before dousing her sweater.
Phew! Another milestone in the CC movie collection venturing where few dare to go!
The best wet and muddy couple in the world?
You have to believe it!

MOVIE XXX039 has three streams:
Stream 1 runs 7 mins 54 sec
Stream 2 runs 9 mins 48 secs
Stream 3 runs 12 mins 53 secs

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