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Custard Couple in ‘Slimy Business Suits’

Run-time 21 mins 42 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

Movie offered in HD 503 Mb or SD (Standard definition) 197 Mb

2 WMV Sample Clips – raunchy but not explicit
What do you do on a fine summers day when you are dressed for work…..but do not really want to go?
Answer – time to get Slimy!
Set in a lovely garden setting, under a gazebo, watch our lovebirds enjoy themselves more than our jealous feathered friends, who can only sing to them!

Stream 1
Another sex game for Mr. & Mrs. Custard Couple.
Sat in the garden, Mr. C starts fancying some messy action despite the fact that they are both wearing their business suits.
He brings some yellow slime.
Mr. C gets the slime treatment first directly over his suit and shirt and Mrs. C rubs it into his clothes.
Then Mrs. C is slimed.
It is not long until she is spreading her long legs for a slimy application - see CLIP 1.
Mr. C enjoys rubbing the slime into her and relishes filling her knickers.
She kneels up on the bench while Mr. C enjoys pouring the slime down her back.
As soon as Mr. C starts to caress her slimy bum, a rook startles us with loud caw, cawing!
Despite the shreiks of the rook, Mr. C lifts her skirt to pour slime over the back of her knickers. (This sends the rooks flapping away on top of the gazebo!)
The rooks have departed and Mrs. C pulls open her knickers as Mr. C drains the jug of slime inside. They squirm together.
Mrs. C suggests their jackets are removed.
She rubs more slime over his shirt with good slurpy sounds from the slime.
Mr. C rips open her blouse.
She undoes his shirt.
Then he is caressing her boobs.
More slime goes down her front, over her boobs and skirt.
Mrs. C says ‘Don’t you just love this gunge!’
This acts as a cue for Mr. C to pour slime over her head.
More caressing occurs before Mrs. C starts to remove her skirt.

Stream 2
‘We are getting really messy’ says Mrs.C.
She rubs Mr. C’s chest with gunge and he returns the compliment.
The sight of Mrs. C kneeling on the ground with slimy hair, jacket, knickers, black stockings and enticing heels is too much for Mr. C.
He joins her, messes her up more, frots her before uncaging his cock for some gungy doggie sex.
They both enjoy themselves with the slipperiness.
Mr. C withdraws and going round to the front of his kneeling wife, he tosses off over her face and very willing mouth in a great sex scene.
Mrs. C slops more slime over herself, while Mr. C empties the bucket over her head – see Clip 2.
Then he joins her on the bench for some tit caressing while Mrs. C frigs her gunged up pussy, soon bringing herself to a satisfying climax.
Mr. C takes over frigging her exposed pussy.
Mrs. C then entices Mr. C further by posing in a messy state, squeezing the gunge from her jacket over herself, then lying on the bench to be further caressed by Mr. C.
She says ‘She just loves having sex and all messy!’
Phew! What a way to take a work break!

MOVIE XXX041 has two streams:
Stream 1 runs 11 mins 16 sec
Stream 2 runs 10 mins 26 secs

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