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Custard Couple – Muddy Business Suits 1

Run-time 20 mins 25 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Streams in HD 474Mb

Custard Couple (CC) never cease to amaze us with their penchant for the unusual.
So not many couples would tackle a mud set in their garden!
This is the normal movie and the XXX content is omitted (see movie XXX042 for XXX version).

Stream 1
Mrs. CC comes home from work and is feeling horny.
She wants to play in a mound of mud while dressed in their suits.
Mr. CC, never one to miss an opportunity, inspects his wife’s undies.
There are some good stockinged leg shots.
Admiring her outfit Mr CC asks ‘Are you really going to get this all muddy?’
Of course he cannot wait to join in!
Out in the garden, Mrs. CC shows us the mud.
It is in a wheelbarrow plus a couple of bowls.
Mrs. CC sits down invitingly and asks Mr. CC to pour the mud from the wheelbarrow all over her lovely suit.
Mr. CC pours away as instructed – see CLIP 1
Mrs. CC uses the mud mound to daub her legs and red heels.
She turns round and lies down on her back in the mud mound.
Mr. CC pours a bowl of mud over his naughty wife’s pristine white blouse and suit skirt.
Mrs. CC smoothes the mud over herself.
Then she kneels up, pulls up her tight skirt and Mr. CC pours more mud from the wheelbarrow over her back, knickers and stockings.
Mrs. CC rubs the mud into her knickered bum as Mr. CC exclaims ‘I’m loving it Mrs. C’.
She takes her jacket off and we see her long sleeved white blouse.
She rubs the mud into the front and sleeves of her blouse.
Mrs. CC rubs it all over, including her knickers and stockings.
She lies full length and squirms in the mud pile, showing her long legs all muddied up.
‘Don’t you just love being so, so muddy!’ says Mrs. CC.
She continues to roll in the mud and tease us.
She asks Mr. CC if she is messy enough yet?
He says her hair needs to get a lot messier.
Mrs. CC invites him over into her mudbath with her.
Stream 1 runs 9 mins 25 secs

Stream 2
Mr. CC joins his muddied wife and begins to muddy up her hair and face.
Mrs. CC provocatively opens her legs to the camera while Mr. CC muddies her all over.
With her kneeling up, Mr. CC muddies her back and bum.
He lifts her skirt to expose her pantied bum which he readily covers with more mud.
Mr. CC pulls her knickers tight before giving her arse a further muddy slathering.
Next, it is Mr. CC’s turn to be muddied up.
Mrs. CC makes a good job of his head and face.
Then she pours a bowl of mud over him.
An aroused Mr. CC rips her blouse open and slops mud over her bra covered boobs.
Mrs. CC likewise rips open his shirt and covers his chest in mud.
His shirt is removed and they mess each other including Mrs. CC’s long neglected hair!
Mrs. CC undoes his trousers to expose his all white underpants.
‘But not for long’ she says as she spreads more mud over him.
Mrs. CC removes her blouse and lies back so Mr. CC can daub her further.
He frees up her boobs and mud smothers her further.
‘Don’t you just love this mud’ says Mrs. CC as Mr. CC mud caresses her.
He releases his cock and with his muddied wife lying beneath him and is egged on by her comments. ‘Shoot it all over me!’ she begs.
He wanks himself off shooting spunk all over her stomach, tits and face.
Mr. CC then rubs the spunk into her before turning her over to smother mud on her back.
She removes her skirt and then straddles Mr. CC to ride his cock through her knickers for clitoral stimulation. Her bra is removed too.
Then Mrs. CC lies alone on the muddied ground smoothing mud over her leg, then squirming on her tummy to give a great muddied arse shot – see CLIP 2.
It is not long before her hand goes into her knickers to stimulate herself some more in all this mess.
She kneels up and continues to caress and daub mud on herself.
Feeling well satisfied she coos ‘All that cum all over my face and tits’.
Sitting there, Mrs. CC says ‘I hope you enjoyed my mudbath!’
She is joined by a very muddy Mr. CC who continues to daub her before they say their goodbyes.
Stream 2 runs 11 mins 00 secs

If you wish to see the normal movie without XXX, then go to movie CC51 in the Online Store under ‘WSM Movies and Images’ section.

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