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Asian Jade and Steven in Oily, Wet Sex Fun then an outdoor BJ

Run-time 28 mins 43 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Streams plus 3 non-explicit Sample Clips

STREAM 1 - IN THE OILY PADDLING POOL - run-time 9 mins 51 secs - shot June 2004
The very mild sample trailer leaves you in no way prepared for the horny action that follows.
(You can see Jade’s solo oil play in 22 minute movie WSM060 plus 61 pics in image set S099 both in our Subscription site).
Shot outdoors in a garden setting, Stream 1 commences with cock sucking in delicious close-up, with a surprisingly good quality picture. The action flies along.
The oil covered Jade is taken from the rear while standing, as she urges him on!
Then Steven lies back in the oil while Jade straddles him with good pumpy action!
Next, it is Jade’s turn to lie back in the oil with legs splayed, while Steven services her!
Jade receives such a vigorous pounding that she orgasms with gasps of delight.
Then it is oily doggie sex as Steven pistons away. ‘Fuck that Asian pussy’ urges Jade.
Steven stands while oil covered Jade sucks his cock.
She follows this with a handjob before resuming her cock sucking.
More handplay follows from a kneeling Jade before she continues her BJ, ending by sucking his balls!
More doggie follows then Jade squats to give Steven the climactic BJ he wants as he quickly cums, rubbing his cock all over Jade’s face.
Phew! This is intense stuff with a great sexual repertoire spiced up with Jade’s choice comments!
Add to this 47 video grabs in oil image set S099XXX, though sadly in the smaller size (as not digital in 2004), and this Stream is worth the purchase price alone!

STREAM 2 - IN THE HOTEL BATH - run-time 9 mins 43 secs - shot October 2004
Steven walks in on Jade in the hotel bath.
Jade invites Steven to join her and she is soon playing footsy with his cock!
Steven feels her nipples and they kiss.
Soon Jade is fondling his cock.
They change positions so Jade can give him a good cock suck.
Steven calls her a water-girl……as she has taken a bath with some clothing left on.
(You can see Jade solo in wet clothed bath play in 23 minute movie WSM097 plus 66 pics in image set W194, in our Subscription site.)
Steven asks ‘Would you like me to eat you out?’
Jade eagerly agrees and sits on the bath plinth and spreads her legs.
Steven licks her but does not last too long as the position is rather uncomfortable.
So we move to doggie with Jade standing and leaning over the bath-side.
Do look out for her lovely fingernails (and her painted toe-nails).
Steven sits on the bath plinth so Jade can sit on his cock reverse cowgirl, so facing us.
Jade changes position to ride him cowgirl, so showing her back to us.
She rides him hard to bring herself off!
Then as Jade stands facing us, Steven takes her doggie from the rear.
He raises the intensity and pounds her with many ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from Jade
Steven gives himself a handjob with Jade sucking his bollocks.
She watches him tossing off, getting herself ready for some spunk!
Steven cums into her eager mouth and onto her tongue with great close-up shots.
She sucks his discharged cock and slops his cock around her face.
Jade rubs the spunk into her face.
‘You really are filthy’ says Steven.
Yes, Jade certainly is a dirty girl in many ways!
There are 57 video grabs in bath image set W194XXX, though once again of smaller size (having been shot in 2004). A rather horny bath-time experience!

STREAM 3 - OUTDOOR BLOWJOB ON STREAM EMBANKMENT - run-time 9 mins 09 secs - shot September 2013
We now move forward 9 years and enter the digital age with a HD Stream.
We have a special bonus 3rd Stream as Jade gives Steven a BJ, but sadly without wet or mess.
These are some of the most intimate detailed shots we have shown.
We see Jade in her outfit then she plays with her juicy pussy to bring herself to orgasm.
She is concerned about having a sunburnt pussy, but then totally unexpected and unscripted, she says ‘I want some cream on my face’.
So a bonus for me becomes a bonus for you all.
It is always pleasing to see a woman pleasuring her man.
Jade does what all good wives do and is an expert at a BJ.
After a prolonged BJ in the sunshine, Jade coaxes Steven to shoot his cream.
So Jade gets her face cream and thanks him.
We are privileged voyeurs of this very horny shoot.
There are 65 video grabs of this Stream in Blowjob image set M208XXX, and these are large pics.
And what happened next?
Jade went into the silty, peaty oily mud in movie WSM175 plus image sets M208 and M209 - to be released later this year.

What a remarkable trio of action between Jade and Steven as we get 3 movies in one!
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MOVIE XXX044 of has 3 different Streams of sex fun between Asian Jade and Steven and runs 28 mins 43 secs.

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