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Custard Couple - a Custard Treacle Tart

Run-time 47 mins 32 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

4 Sample Clips in HD
4 Streams in HD

This movie is in two parts:
The normal movie in Streams 1, 2 and 3 (and Clips 1, 2 and 3).
The XXX content in Streams 4 (and Clip 4), but Streams 2 and 3 have been modified from the normal movie version.
Once again we feature what most other WAM sites fail to do, we show couple play in a full length movie.

Stream 1 – runs 10 mins 03 secs
Mrs. CC comes home after a bad day at work and wants to have some fun.
Mr. CC has bought treacle (golden syrup) and custard.
Mrs. CC wants to get straight on with the fun.
There is no need to change from her work clothes.
‘You can mess all of this up as much as you want’ she says to an expectant Mr. CC.
He starts with golden syrup over the front of her jacket.
‘It is very, very sticky’ says Mrs. CC.
Mr. CC continues to pour, then takes great delight in smoothing the syrup into her clothes.
Then Mrs. CC gets him to do her back.
She says she wants the suit all shiny.
Mr. CC enjoys the task – see CLIP 1, and continues to mess up his very co-operative wife.

Her back becomes all shiny.
He continues to syrup up her front.
Mrs. CC undoes her jacket.
The Stream ends as Mr. CC continues spreading syrup over Mrs. CC.
Stream 2 – runs 11 mins 02 secs
Now it is time for the custard.
Mr. CC starts by pouring a jug over her outfit as she spins around.
He takes a bowl of custard and slops it all down Mrs. CC – see Clip 2.

She kneels down in the custard floor mess (to receive a classic bum shot, knelt away from the camera).
Mr. CC pours another bowl of custard over her back and bum, then a further jug.
Mr. CC relishes rubbing it all in to her clothes.
He then pays special attention to the front of her blouse.
They are both having real fun.
Mrs.CC removes her jacket. Mr. CC exposes the cleavage in her blouse, before applying more custard.
Next, Mr. CC custard treats her shoes and unusually pours custard down her trouser legs to mess up her knickers.
Mrs. CC is rolled onto her stomach and further custard applied over her trousers, covering her back, bum and legs. There are some glorious slurpy sounds as Mrs. CC continues to be custard daubed.
‘Nothing like a custard massage…..head to toe’ says Mrs. CC.
Mr. CC unfastens her trousers, removing them, then her blouse.
This leaves Mrs. CC in red bra and knickers set plus red stockings. She also wears a black suspender belt and black heels.
Kneeling, Mrs. CC presents a delectable sight as Mr. CC unleashes more custard.
Stream 3 - runs 9 mins 36 secs
Mrs. CC reminds her hubby that there is a further ‘great big tub of treacle’.
Her boobs are released from her bra.
Mr. CC directs custard down her front and into her knickers.
Then Mr. CC applies the treacle starting down her back - see CLIP 3

It all looks very sensuous!
Next, he attends to her front. The syrup runs down her cleavage as Mrs. CC lifts open her knickers to collect the running syrup.
Next, it is Mr. CC’s turn as his shirt is removed before syrup is applied over him.
‘Let’s get some over your head now’ says Mr. CC.
Of course what Mr. CC really meant to say was over her head, face and hair!
Mrs. CC looks a golden treat as she embraces the sticky, golden, runny mess!
Indeed Mr. CC seems overcome by his wife’s sweet kisses!
The running syrup covers her boobs and stomach.
It was ‘A real treacle shower’ declares Mr. CC.
Then Mr. CC gives his happy wife a custard shower, down her frontage.
He sits her back to the wall, splays her legs and decides it is time for some sex play.
So Mr. CC’s lust begins to overpower him and we head to the XXX sequel.
But do note at this point that Mrs. CC is still clad in red bra, knickers and stockings plus black suspender belt and heels.
Stream 4 - runs 7 mins 12 secs
Mr. CC says ‘He fancies a bit of treacle and custard’.
Applying more custard, Mr. CC tenderly frigs his wife – see CLIP 4.
Mrs. CC is soon aroused and the custard is the magic ingredient!
Mr. CC indulges in some more vigorous clit frigging.
Then it is slippy finger insertion!
Mr. CC undoes his trousers and Mrs. CC releases his cock to kiss and suck.
Mr. CC slowly fucks her face before pouring more custard over them both.
Then both indulge in vigorous hand action.
Mrs. CC removes her knickers and Mr. CC his trousers.
A kneeling Mrs. CC enjoys more cock sucking while Mr. CC applies more custard.
The Stream ends as she sucks his custardy balls!
Stream 5 – runs 9 mins 39 secs
Mr. CC puts his wife on all fours saying he ‘wants to fuck her’.
Good camerawork gives a close-up of the penetrative action as Mr. CC unleashes himself.
More custard is applied to Mrs. CC’s back.
Further fucking follows as Mr. CC spreads more custard over Mrs. CC.
He sits on the plinth, while Mrs. CC sucks and plays with his cock and balls.
Mr. CC dribbles custard over her.
Then Mrs. CC sits on the plinth while Mr. CC stimulates himself at the sight of Mrs. CC spreading more custard over herself.
Mr. CC instructs her to make herself cum.
This Mrs. CC achieves with little effort in a gasping orgasm before sucking Mr. CC vigorously to finish him off.
They sit together mutually satisfied, a very contented couple!

This package includes the following:
3 Clips and 3 Streams (numbers 1, 2 and 3 ) from NORMAL movie WSM212/CC82
1 Clip (number 4) plus Streams 4 and 5 being XXX material.
277 image shots from set S390 – see 6 sample shots – all shots Enhanced to Full Screen!
38 image shots from set S390XXX – see 2 sample shots(with all shots Enhanced).

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