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Custard Couple - Easter Chocolate Indulgence

Run-time 21 mins 16 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD – Clip 3 not explicit but horny!
3 Streams in HD

This is a complete movie with 3 Streams
Stream 1 6 mins 52 secs Mrs. CC gets chocolaty
Stream 2 6 mins 57 secs Mrs. CC gets herself off with a chocolate induced orgasm
Stream 3 7 mins 27 secs XXX fun as Mrs. CC tastes the spunk before being shagged

Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) wearing a black sleeveless body, black stockings and heels, white satin elbow length gloves and bunny ears is told off by Mr. CC for not having a bunny tail.
He puts her over his knee and spanks her!
Mr. CC uses it as an excuse to mess her up with Easter chocolate, so getting his Easter fun.
Mrs. CC is equally delighted to be covered in chocolate
He smears her outfit slowly with the chocolate.
She tells him she is ‘Beginning to know what a chocolate bunny really feels like’.
Mrs. CC sighs with delight as the chocolate is applied.
‘It tastes and feels so good’ she says – see CLIP 1.

Mr. CC enjoys his task especially coating her long stockinged legs.
‘It is so relaxing’ she purrs.
Then her boobs are removed from her body top and coated in chocolate.
We have an excellent close up shot of Mrs. CC’s chocolate covered face, neck and top – see CLIP 2.

She continues to daub the chocolate on herself.
Mr. CC returns with some darker chocolate that he dribbles over her boobs and mouth.
The chocolate trickles down to ‘Her nice hot pussy!’
Mrs. CC starts to frig herself while Mr. CC leaves to get more dark chocolate.
He returns to trickle further dark chocolate over her hair, bunny ears, face and boobs.
But Mrs. CC is oblivious as she frigs away at her covered clit to produce a very satisfying orgasm.

Stream 3 (XXX content) now commences.
Mr. CC has been very turned on by his wife’s horny orgasmic play.
Soon his cock is out.
His missus says she will ‘Get this nice clean dick of yours all chocolaty!’
She licks and sucks saying ‘This is one of the best chocolate lollipops I’ve ever had!’
We have tit and cock play.
‘Just rub that chocolate dick all over my boobs’ she says as she pours chocolate all over his dick.
She licks and sucks him further before giving him a hand job.
Then we have a rather remarkable facial close-up as Mr. CC wanks himself off with a stunning cum shot into her willing mouth.
Wow! That was good, but 23 seconds later he gives her more cum to her mouth!
Mrs. CC is the bunny who got double cream!
Next, Mrs. CC is on all fours as Mr. CC smears chocolate on her clothed bum.
He undoes her crotch fastening then it is doggie sex as CC engage in their favourite bunny pastime….shagging! – see CLIP 3.
Mrs. CC is pounded before Mr. CC is spent again!
Phew! For a mature couple this is super sexy chocolate play as they have fun with each other.
Try it with your partner to see if you can be as good!

ALL 3 Streams are included in HD MOVIE XXX047 which runs 21 mins 16 secs.

In addition there are 33 images from the normal movie as set S397.
But there are also 27 images considered XXX with some fantastic close-up CUM shots.
Superb XXX facial shots in image set S397XXX.
We show you 3 sample images from the normal movie in image set S397.
Plus 2 sample shots from the XXX Stream and image set S397XXX.

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