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Custard Couple (CC) perform Sex Quickies

Run-time 36 mins 04 secs

2 HD Sample Clips plus 3 HD Streams

Stream 1 runs 10 mins 38 secs
We commence with an unusual scene as you do not often see spunk used in a messy way on clothes.
A fully clothed Mrs. CC is sitting on the bed fantasizing about getting spunk on her clothes.
Mr. CC appears and after stimulation by Mrs. CC, he obliges her by spunking off over her black dress and black sheer panties.
She shows off the results of the ‘sticky, sticky hot spunk’.
Run-time 6 mins 22 secs
In addition there are 16 image shots in set S516XXX
We show you a sample shot of Mrs. CC before her spunking.

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Although the 2nd scene is titled ‘Shiny, Messy leather skirt’ this is a continuation of movie CC40.
It is not often that Mrs. CC provokes Mr. CC.
She ends up very messy as Mr. CC struts his dominance much to her pleasure.
This is more Role Play from CC.
Mr. CC accuses her of flirting with Bobby (a man from her office).
He messes up her arse with syrup and eggs.
He tells her to suck his cock.
Mrs. CC obliges while Mr. CC verbally abuses her.
He cums over her face, neck and tits.
Then Mr. CC goes for a shower leaving Mrs. CC in all the mess!
Run-time 3 mins 56 secs
In addition there are 24 image shots in set S348XXX
The opening 3 images are introductory shots from the earlier movie.
We show you a sample shot of the messy pair.
>>>>> SEE CLIP
If you like this movie then check-out 26 minute movie CC40 ‘Shiny/Messy leather skirt’.

Stream 2 runs 14 mins 27 secs
In our 3rd scene we see CC in a household chore……painting.
Of course Mrs. CC has got quite carried away and is nude and paint covered.
Mr. CC is very impressed and decides to join in.
He uses a roller to apply white paint to her before pouring the tray down her back.
Some unbelievable arse shots as he rubs the white paint over her.
He gets her on all fours, frots her arse before entering her for a quick shag.
Mr. CC then wanks over her before cumming on her tit and thigh.
Mrs. CC enjoys the moment and rubs in his spunk.
She then gets herself off.
Run-time 6 mins 26 secs
In addition there are 33 image shots in set S364XXX
We show you 2 sample shots.

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Moving next to a Wet scene which is a follow-on to movie WSM232.
Shot outdoors in a river this is vintage CC.
Mr. CC finds his wife enjoying herself in the river – see CLIP 2.

>>>>> SEE CLIP

She is clad in a garter belt, stockings and white heels.
Mr. CC is in his denim shorts and casual shoes.
They lie in the river edge together for a wet clinch and a canoodle.
They stand as Mr. CC caresses her.
Lowering his shorts Mr. CC feels her boobs, then fingers her.
He enters her doggie style (still standing).
Bending her over we get a good close-up enhanced by the sunlit glistening water.
Mrs. CC cock sucks and wanks Mr.CC with facial cock play.
Finally they embrace after such an invigorating session.
Run-time 8 minutes 00 secs.
There are 30 image shots in set W390XXX
The opening 3 images are introductory shots from the earlier movie.
We show you a sample shot of our pair at the rivers edge.

If you like this movie then check-out the earlier 23 minute movie WSM232 ‘Mrs. CC prefers the wet river to tennis’.

Stream 3 runs 10 mins 59 secs
The 5th scene is another outdoor shoot but this time is messy.
This short scene features Mrs. CC as a very naughty messed-up fairy.
She is clad in just a thong and her wings!
Having her fairy wand allows her to do what she wishes.
So a stranger is summoned to satisfy her!
And the best part is a wave of the magical wand and he forgets everything!
Very clever messy fun!
Run-time 3 mins 10 secs
In addition there are 8 image shots in set S429XXX
We show you a sample shot.
>>>>> SEE CLIP If you like this movie then check-out the earlier 21 minute movie CC119 ‘Messy Naughty Fairy’ which lead to the above finale.

The 6th scene is another continuation movie, but this time a muddy one!
We see a mud covered Mrs. CC in bra, thong and heels.
Mr. CC has her on all fours so he takes her doggie style.
The mud has excited him for he cums quickly making this the shortest scene with a run-time of 2 minutes 11 seconds.
There are 8 shots to support this movie.
We show you a sample shot.

If you like this movie then check-out the prior 12 minute movie CC155 ‘Muddy Designer Leather Skirt,’ which leads to the above finale.

The 7th and final scene is of Mrs. CC in her garden dressed all in latex.
We have titled this ‘Oily Latex’ as there is no other movie of this shoot.
We show you a Clip of how this scene commences – see CLIP 1.

  This scene runs 5 minutes 30 seconds.
But no time is wasted!
Mrs. CC sets out to get her latex clothes oiled up.
Then her boobs are out and being oiled.
Next, oil goes into her latex knickers with great slurpy sounds.
Using 2 bottles of oil Mrs. CC sprays these over her outfit.
Then she is down on her back in the small oily paddling pool.
She looks wonderfully relaxed in the sun and all glistening.
But all too soon Mr. CC joins her to pound her as she kneels on all fours.
Classic doggie sex!
She asks Mr. CC to shoot it all over her arse and so he obliges.
Then Mr. CC returns for seconds (and who could blame him!)
With Mrs. CC now lying on her back in the pool, Mr. CC pumps away enjoying her outfit.
He cums over her pubes then rubs his cock on her latex stocking!
There are 34 image shots in set S498XXX
We show you 2 sample shots of Mrs. CC in her latex outfit.

S498XXX_ad01 S498XXX_ad02

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