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Mai gives a very special messy massage

Run-time 28 mins 00 sec

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips in HD – not explicit
3 Streams in HD

Stream 1 runs 8 mins 20 secs
The Phantom meets Mai who offers him a very special Messy massage.
She starts with a clear gel rubbing it into his back and legs and over his shorts.
Mai begins to massage him through his shorts.
With a further bucket of gel, Mai boldly opens his shorts, pours gel inside then follows up with her hand inside his shorts.
A 3rd bucket ensures he gets a good gel massage.
The Phantom starts to daub her white robe and to feel her boobs, as Mai enjoys it – see CLIP1.

A furtive kiss from Mai emboldens our Phantom. He tries to kiss her boobs then slop gel on her.
Mai permits her boobs to be kissed and nuzzled……but her hand sneaks inside his shorts.
Turning him to lie face down, Mai removes her white robe.
She is clad in white crutchless tights and white knickers.
A bowl of custard is slopped down the Phantom’s back and legs – see CLIP2.
Mai gets astride him to massage it in.
She turns him on his back and massages him with the custard.

Stream 2 runs 9 mins 32 secs
Chocolate spread is introduced as Mai pulls down the Phantom’s shorts to cover his cock in chocolate.
His shorts are pulled away as Mai enjoys messing him up.
The chocolate is slicked down his body.
The Phantom decides to join in and smears Mai’s boobs with chocolate.
She lies atop him and coats his cock further with choc, then smears him all over his body.
The Phantom removes her white knickers.
She sits astride him. He tears the tights open further and tries to lick her chocolate pussy.
Mai slithers away before teasing his cock with her tongue, then delighting the Phantom with some cock sucking.
He takes advantage slopping the chocolate /custard mix over her hair!
She slithers forward and kisses the Phantom as his cock enters her!
They screw away for half a minute before Mai sits astride him, then she sits on his cock for more sex.
They are both very messy at this point.
Then with Mai lying on her back, the Phantom gives her a very vigorous fucking.
Some very gloopy action as they thrust together before the Phantom cums.
Mai sits astride him to ride him further.
She is covered in mess from head to toe.
They climax again.
The camera moves behind her for different angle shots.
The Stream ends with Mai in high spirits as she tells the Phantom he has ‘sucked her fuckee!’

Stream 3 runs 10 mins 08 secs
Opens with our messy couple kneeling and entwined together.
The Phantom gives her a good frigging while Mai plays with his cock.
She lies back again and the Phantom re-enters for a further messy, sloppy bonk.
Then he removes her crotchless (and ripped) tights.
She lies back while he spoons her with some prolonged and clear view fucking.
Messy Mai is now in her element being well bonked and her boobs being caressed by the Phantom.
Next, Mai lies on her stomach and the Phantom mounts her from behind.
But it is very slippy so they kneel up and clinch together.
This is prolonged messy sex play.
Mai assumes the doggie position and the Phantom enters her again….but they soon slither apart.
Things quieten down with the Phantom on his back.
Mai gives him a further cock suck.
Again, they slide away before Mai gets her lips on him again for some long, messy cock sucking.
Then Mai lies back as the Phantom fucks her further.
Gloriously messy by now, we see the messy sex in full detail as the Phantom pistons away!
We end in a vigorous flourish with Mai on her back with legs raised as the Phantom continues to thunder away and caress her messy boobs.
In the final short scene he gives her messy pussy a good lick!
What messy sex fun that was with great messiness and some superb visual sex with great detail.
A wonderful sex encounter from an unlikely duo!

In addition IMAGE SET S430XXX has 193 Enhanced (full screen) shots.
Great full-on sex shots!
It has what good sex scenes require – a couple having great messy play plus fine explicit shots.
Most are 35mm shots and the quality plus colours are striking.
Fabulous messy entertainment ending with a bonus not seen in the movie… Mai washes off in the cutest of ways!
We show you 5 sample shots from image set S430XXX.

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Image Set S430XXX

No of Images 193  

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