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Mrs. CC obeys her Master’s Orders

Run-time 34 mins 01 sec

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

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Here is what Mrs. CC (Custard Couple) wrote about this movie:
“Here is a different movie for you guys!
Ever fancied just giving in to your partner as he orders you to do some very naughty things for him (or her), using all sorts of mess?
Here you see me, Mrs. CC doing just that!
I dressed up in a black satin pencil skirt and black satin blouse with vibrant blue underwear and a spare pair of panties!!!
Mr. CC and myself went to a quiet place in the nearby woods taking cooking oil and custard.
We intended to have some very naughty wet and messy fun, as I acted out every order my Master gave me!
So let the fun begin:

I was feeling very dirty so I told my Master how much I needed to piss.
I let rip a gushing piss through my panties, scooping it up over my blouse as I relieved myself.
Then my Master told me he ‘Loves getting me trashed and really dirty. (I knew where this was leading)…..the Master wanted to piss all over me!’
So I knelt down and got fresh urine sprayed all over my hair and face before taking my Master’s cock to suck him well before he sprayed his cum over my face, blouse and skirt!

I talked dirty with the Master so he made sure that I was drenched with the cooking oil all over my black satin outfit, making it shiny and slippery.
It was my turn to have some pleasure and after drenching myself further with oil, while stripping down to my underwear, I gyrated against the root of a large tree, rubbing my clit and purposely trying to satisfy My Master’s (and my own) desires.
My hands frantically clutched my clit and I came although I was gloriously oily, yet quite oblivious of the mess!

We moved on to the custard.
After some dirty talk My Master ordered me to dunk my spare pair of sheer panties and my black satin blouse into a bowl full of custard.
I put the custard coated panties on over my oily thong and the Master coated my bum in custard!
More banter with the Master followed as I pulled back on my custardy blouse.
I knew My Master would enjoy this part.
‘Come and put some more custard on me Master’ I implored.
He doused me in custard.
I then became the subservient wife as My Master forced my head and face into the custard bowl.
Pulling my head out of the custard My Master made me take his cock in my mouth while I knelt on all fours. He continued to deluge me with custard.
Two further times my head and face were dunked in the custard bowl.
Each time, a very submissive Mrs. CC was made to service My Master’s cock!
He poured the watery custard over my head and face. I was totally custard coated.
The Master wanked himself off and I encouraged him saying ‘Cum all over me Master!’
He duly obliged me a second time!

As a finale, My Master encouraged me to get covered in mud as he says ‘Show me how dirty you can get!’ So I rubbed the mud on my legs and clothes.
As My Master was well spent, I wondered what he would want next?
‘Get those panties over your head as well’ he demanded.
So I removed my 2nd pair of muddied panties and pulled them over my head and face!
I ripped off my skirt and stockings and removed my bra.
My Master approves of my muddy state and muddied tits.
He commands me to remove my panties from my head and pull them really tight up my arse!
I enjoyed myself briefly rubbing my clit into the squelchy mud and squirming about.
My Master approved that I piss in the mud and I roll about and covered myself further with the pissy mud!
And so our movie ends!

When we arrived home we talked about our wild adventure in the woods.
We agreed that my getting humiliated and messed and muddied had been such a rush for us both!
We could easily make this a more regular part of our wacky and messy fun together.
But that all depends on what you all think.
You want more…..or is this too extreme for you?
Use the Forums to respond.
But if you are a member (it is free) of UMD, then you can go direct to our Friends site at:
We hope you enjoy our movie and images”.

MOVIE XXX056 has 4 HD Streams running 34 mins 01 sec.

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But do note that there was no pussy penetration action.
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